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    Favorite track in PES2008?

    not even funny gava55. Worst song ever, ever and i have heard Rihanna's umbrella. Thats how strongly i feel about it.
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    Favorite track in PES2008?

    My friend liked the 'football, soccer, football, soccer' track so much he went and selected it for EVERY menu and insisted we had the volume up quite high. After 10 minutes the song made me put my hands over my ears. Seriously the most annoying song ever, not even funny.
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    Who is your favourite player ?

    Lennon is my favourite player. Hasnt come up against a defender who can stoip him and keep getting headed goals off his crosses.
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    Curious..What camera angle are you all using for pes2008?

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    Lennon vs Marseille

    BANG, great goal. Have you noticed that it is less arcade-like when a goal goes in? I can't really explain it but sometimes when i score, its shocks me that it was a goal cause maybe there is less celebrating from the crowd or there is a lak of commentary, it just goes in withou any noise or...
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    IMPORTANT: I 've found something massive within PES 2008.

    When ur defending a free kick, hold L2 then tap up to add ppl and down to take away ppl.
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    Nighmmare! games wont load!

    cool thanks i shall give that ago, j ust wanna play the game :'(
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    Nighmmare! games wont load!

    So i got Pes this morning for ps3, stick it in a go to play an exhibition, and it freezes on the loading screen, after about nine tries of turning off the ps3 it worked and i played for about and hour or so. I thought it was ok so went out of the game, then went back in later only to find...
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    Your favourite PES Intro?

    Pes2 intro is the best by a long long way. It is also the best game of the pes series so far, although iss evoloution comes close.
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    PES 2008 release date put back till early November!

    Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?
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    1st thing you will do with full version of PES2008

    Normally i play spurs vs man u with my brother, but as i havent got a ps3 to play the game, we will all pile over to my rich friend's and play a 5 person pes competition. League style.
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    Fifa 2008

    looks to me that Pes6 on ps2 is still better that fifa08 on xbox
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    PES2008 Only 1 vs 1 !!!

    With 1v1 does that mean the end of 2 ppl on the same ps? Surely that doesnt add lag so i hope it is still there. As for 2v2 and group game - dont bother me, i only ever used 2v2's as a warm up for my 1v1 bashings.
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    Hands-On: FIFA 08 vs. PES 2008

    I like the slower pace of the gameplay but FIFA still lacks a lot in certain areas. The shooting was painfull. Very difficult to score from even the easiest of chances and the way the ball moves for a shot was stupid. I didnt mind the passes but the response time of the players was awful. You...
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    Winningelevenblog wave of negativity? Or is it me?

    On the front page of this site, in the aussie preview of PES2008 they say that the ball is now completley seperate and that the players will actually kick the ball, as opposed to kicking the air a yard infront of the ball! So that is a big improvement. One thing i really hope changes is the...
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    Fifa 2008

    If only fifa and PES could colaborate - it would be some game! imagine the lisences and features of fifa with PES's gameplay, Fifa's database, with PES's edit mode. It probably would never happen, but what a game it would be. I have never liked FIFA, but i have to admit - this infiate...
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    new player??

    i think once you have started a master league there is no way of editing in someone to your team. you could just buy the player (unless ur talking about a player that is really difficult to buy) or, if your talking about a player you made yourself (gareth bale for intance) you could buy...
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    What are you expecting from Pro Evo 7?

    Most of the time, when the new PES comes out, it is better than the last one, but in my opinion, pes 4 and 6 actually went backwards. I still play PES2 sometimes. The cut back goal has become more and more a focal point of each game and i really wish they had relised it earlier and done...
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    I just hope for a leveler!

    Cut out - the cutback. Anyone could beat anyone if u didnt get the inter and brazil noobs trying the cutback 20 times a game. If one cut back comes off (just one) u coul easily lose the game
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    Resident Evil 5 - And so it Begins...

    A comment from the comments section of the article - "Your blog has failed. Where were you in past RE games? Are you saying you can't make movies/games set in Africa anymore. How about GTA:San Andreas where you play as a black man shooting down hordes of innocent whites? Guess you...