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    No WE2008 gamers out there????

    buy an eye, so you can edit yourself...
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    I have PSeye, taking in photo requests!!

    Yeah guys, I have to deal with university at the moment, but I'll try to do them by next week...sorry for the patient. And, if you do have requests, please post the images, so I don't have to look for them. Didn't this forum said not to post premiership club team photos? But as a...
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    I have PSeye, taking in photo requests!!

    I have Winning eleven and not pro, so it might not work for you though.
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    I have PSeye, taking in photo requests!!

    Patrick, you know which character's face bugs me the must, Hleb. Konami never made him look like the real Hleb. My brother's a really big Gunners fans, so I think I'll do him first.
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    I have PSeye, taking in photo requests!!

    I got WE2008 in hong kong......I understand, no one likes PES, what they really want is winning eleven.
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    I have PSeye, taking in photo requests!!

    PSeye working! I got everything sorted out, the eye does not need eyecreate, which means I'm really to edit! I'll start taking in requests once I know how to use the eye, be patient boys. I can do requests, but first, here are somethings to keep in mind: 1. Can anyone tell me how to post...
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    I have PSeye, taking in photo requests!!

    I just found out that you don't need eyecreate, haha. I can finally start editing the damn faces.
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    I have PSeye, taking in photo requests!!

    Yes, once it's all figured out, I'll do those.
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    I have PSeye, taking in photo requests!!

    Damn it everyone, I'm just wondering if I need to download eyecreate for my Pseye. I don't think I can do requests yet if I can't download eycreate, my PS3 is not internet connected dudes.
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    Mccroix Option File v1.0 (PS3) - Includes Premier League kits

    Once you have a PSeye, do you need to download eyecreate in order to take photos for PES or not?
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    Tricks Help,edit Help Game Help Eneything Cum On Chat

    Is it me, or is ads' display image and his attitude really annoying? I don't know, it must be me. Go fuck yourself ads.
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    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

    There could be a possibility that your ps2 and the disc are in two different regions.
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    I have PSeye, taking in photo requests!!

    so, the story is I recently bought the PSeye, if anyone posts the photo that they want to be captured using the Pseye, I'll do it. The link to the PS3 usable photo will be posted once completed. But first, I just want to know if you need the eyecreate software in order to take the photos in PES...
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    My Man Utd Home & Away Shirts

    PSeye help!! Once you have PSeye, do you need to download the eyecreate inorder to take a picture for PES? Or can you just take a photo in PES without the eyecreate?
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    I have the PSeye, I can help you!

    So, I bought the PSeye the other day. But I'm just wondering if you need to download the eyecreate before you can take photos in WE2008. Or can you just take photos in WE2008 without eyecreate?
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    PES 2007 (american version)

    Can anyone give me a max drive ps2 download for PES 2007? I need english premier league badges /emblems!
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    pro evolution 2007 help!!!

    Does anyone have english premier league badges/emblems for PS2 PES 2007?
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    WE 10 j League help!!!

    Do anyone have EPL badges/emblems for winning eleven 10 j league FOR PS2!!!!!
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    Free kick in PES6 - my input

    when shooting, use the square bottom always! When performing close shots (ie <26m) press the square until it's 40% full, then hold down on D pad and X. When performing long shots (ie >26m) press the square until 50 % full, then hold up on D pad and triangle. Then you'll smoke Peter Cech anytime.
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    3rd Difficulty

    I don't see what's the difficult part is, I play full 6 stars, and it's easy. I've won 8 league titles already in 8 years.