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    Premier League team emblems...

    import the two .bin files into cv_0.img using GGS. this will update the Premier League team's emblems to the correct ones. Install with Game Graphic Studio (GGS) version 7.1.8 in GGS open cv_0.img from the folder C:/Program Files/KONAMI/Pro...
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    F**k's Sake, Just 12 Kit Templates?!

    how crap is that?! there's only 12 kit templates, ok so the new adidas ones are easy to make but that's not really enough. they look better now i've added the proper team emblems to the game but i can't wait for kitserver, i hope juce and robbie are doing it again this year.
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    Whenever i post a reply it fucks up...

    Everytime i post a reply to a thread or post a new thread, i don't get any confirmation or page come up, it just goes completely white, i have to click back to get back to the forum. My posts are still being made, but it's annoying. edit: i can post new threads ok, but when i reply to an...
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    Boot textures PES2008

    just took these from cv_0.img the template is interesting, higher definition than ever before. should give us a head start though to making new ones
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    Problem when i try to add a logo to an unlicenced national team's kit...

    Hi i can add logos perfectly to unlicenced club team's kits, but when i try to add one to a national kit the game crashes. any idea why?
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    Where can i get this Liverpool kit...??

    Looking on pesfaces today and i noticed a new version of the home kit has been created, where can i get it?! it's a lot better than the other ones i've seen everywhere and the one i have so does anyone know where i can get it?! Mark Gonzalez's face is made by Enyo and Sissoko by ioi83...
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    Kit Problem - what model shall i use!?

    What model shall i use for this kit?! i thought number 8 would work as it seems to be a PES4 narrow back kit, but that won't work it's still stretched right around the back it looks like this in game no matter what model number i use my config file says this: # Attribute...
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    Is there a way to move single teams/players between option files?

    I want to put Reading/Sheffield Utd/Watford on my game and i have them on one option file, but if i use the PESFan editor i have to replace every player/team if i want to move them over to my current option file. I've spent a long time editing every player on my current file and don't want to...
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    Kit i edited is invisible in-game?

    i edited a kit and when i tried to play a match in the new kit it was invisible, all i could see is the players arms, heads and legs. what is wrong? how can i fix this?
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    Liverpool's 2006/07 Kits...?

    Has anyone got, or can anyone create these kits? Home Kit without the white line on the back. Away Kit Home GK Kit Away GK Kit European Away Kit thanks to anyone who helps.
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    Bootpack Creator Problems...

    Hi I've been trying to use the Boot Pack Creator and it's not working for me... i select all the boots i want to add and it all seems to go ok, i click start and green ticks start appearing like they should, it creates unknow_04560.str no problem, but there's no sign of unknow_4429.bin it...
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    Match Intro Music Editing (champs league theme...)

    Hi i want to change the entrance music from the Champions League theme (in the superpatch) to You'll Never Walk Alone, but i was wondering, how long can it be? the Champs League theme in my game is around 33 seconds long according to DKZ studio, is there any way i can use a longer file and...
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    Kits for new Premier League teams Reading, Watford and Sheff Utd?

    has anyone made the kits for the 3 promoted teams for use in Kitserver? thanks
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    Numbers on the front of the to move?

    Hi i've seen a few pictures of Spain players in PES5 posted where they have the front number on the top right just like the real kit, but on my game the number is in the middle, how can i move this? is there something i need to add to the config file in kitserver? thanks
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    How to insert a face (.bin) when the original is .str?

    Hi I've downloaded some faces for the Liverpool team, the ones that are .str are easy to install coz i can just import them over the originals, but i've downloaded some, such as Xabi Alonso and the file is unknow_02231.bin but the one in the game is unknow_02231.str how can i put the face...
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    kit design formats, why is there 2 different designs?

    Hi i've noticed when downloading kits there are 2 formats, one works and one doesn't work for me. it seems that most of the ones i download don't work with kitserver. i'll show you what i mean... some look like this: this one doesn't work with my kitserver, none in this format...
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    Boot problem...the studs are deadly spikes!!

    i installed Starist's latest bootpack and most of the boots have big black spikes for studs. i used to have this problem in PES4 and i fixed it, but i can't remember now how i did. any help?