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    x & Y

    Anyone have any thoughts about Colplay's new ablum? I think its better than Rush Of Blood to the head, not overproduced.
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    Citizen Cope

    Anyone heard of Citizen Cope I rather like his new album.(The Clarence Greenwood Recordings: Citizen Cope) A little blues a little hip hop and some folksie twang added in for good measure. Quite a breath of fresh air.
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    6 Games?!?!

    A bit of a whiney thread but does anyone think that the 6 games handed out toe Berkamp and Reyes seems slightly over the top? OK I understand that no one like us and we are a bit threatening at times but still seems a bit harsh considering Van Cheat got 3 for trying to hack off someones leg.
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    Robson Had To Go

    Acdording to this story: Bobby Robson was taking Newcastle down to the CHampionship. Seems a bit ridiculous considering what he'd done previously. As for Doug Hall saying...
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    More Interesting

    In an effort to make the game more interesting and more tactical my friends and I do this: Never check form arrows Pick a 5 man bench Does anyone else do this?
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    I was wondering do the star abilites on young players develop on their own or do you have to do something to get them?
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    Computer line ups

    Last night whilst playing PES4 I had a League match against Liverpool and the computers starting line up was as follows: GK: KirkLand RB:Traore CB:Hyypia CB:Henchoz LB:Jamie C DM Gerrard DM Kewell LWF Cisse RWF Baros CF: Riise CF: Dudek It was slightly amusing however it made for...
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    The Life Aquatic...

    Also if anyone likes David BOwie and wonder what his songs translated into Portugese and played on acoustic guitar should check out the soundtrack. Tis also a good film, infact very good. A must see. :cool:
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    Pizza, Soup.

    What are everyone's thoughts on the Soupgate at Old Trafford? United supposedly have a load of information about all the fracas. Is it a bit petty and merely mind games? Should anyone get fined or banned for it? Also the centerpiece of the whole thing is Henry's tackle on Heinze. Which I...
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    Emirates Stadium

    The NEw name of Arsenal's Stadium as reported by Arseblog The domain name is being held for Arsenal PLC you can look here That has to be the most idiotic stadium name ever! I hate it.
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    Wes says's hes had enough of his OT Hell. ( well kinda)

    Wes Brown appearently doens't want to stay at Old Trafford..where do you all think he's gonna go? Arsenal perhaps to some career changing training and guidence perhaps?..... Anyway here's the story from the Beeb:
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    Anyone see the film Dogville? IMo its a fantastic film. I love it! THe only problem being that is nearly 4 hours long. BUt it has a fantastic cast and amazing story. Plus the visual concept is well executed.
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    Newcastle are burning wreckage.

    I know the last few years Newcastle have some very slow starts and managed to recover quit nicely. This year it seems that its quite different. A poor defense off the field antics that are disrupting the team and a unsettled squad due to bob's contract being not renewed and quite frankly a...
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    New Fever Pitch

    Appearently there is gonna be a new Fever Pitch movie written by Nick Hornby starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. However this is not another movie about the greatest team in the world but a shitty movie about the fucking Red Socks of beantown. I for one shall pickett this movie. :mad:
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    Forlan finally Leaves...!

    Forlan is being sold to Villreal acording to Manutd. com. Subject to a medical of course . So they finally get rid of him, tells you alot when they get rid of him even when desperatly short of strikers...
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    Uncle Bob gets the sack!

    Appearently Newcastle are not gonna renew the old man's it a good move considering how old he is. How do the Newcastle supporteers feel? Gary, Jonny?
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    Gayest Referee EVER! This is a very funny clip of a south american referee that appears to be gay! :D
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    Arsenal sign Mathieu Flamini

    Last night we signed Mathieu Flamini from Marsillie for 1.5m# played a major part of his former teams run in the UEFA Cup last year..anybody know of him? Or how good he is?
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    Hey Deco Aint that bad....

    After watching numerous Copa America games recently I hve once again been reminded why I can't stnad Latin American football. The diving the bitching and the pettiness that has gripped the game is unbelivable. In one half I witnessed more than 40 fouls! The averae is around 65-70 a
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    WTF happened to NEwcastle

    A few years ago Newcastle were playing the best football in the country and had a host of good young signings yet as of late the seem to have completely lost the plot..any thoughts? Gaz? Jonny21?