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  1. Ismail

    PES 2008 Bogeys!

    I might be a great fan of Pro, (and I always will be) and I believe this is by far the greatest football game ever made; there are a few things I would love for Konami to change. 1. The biggest of them all- dodgey goalies. These are causing a massive problem in my ranking in Xbox live. 2.The...
  2. Ismail

    Master League tips

    1. Recommended people Leo Messi Wayne Rooney Alberto Gilardino Petr Cech Chellini 2. How to beat 6*'s Well, all you need to do is improve your freekiks, thts all you need. 6* foul a lot outside the box. 3.How to rip the goalkeeper Do a fake shot and run the other side or doa...
  3. Ismail

    Is Adriano the best in the world?

    Is Adriano The Best In The World? After his hat-trick against Chile, many around the planet are indicating Inter and Brazil superstar Adriano as the best striker in the world. Do you agree? or is someone better than the Emperor? Let us know!
  4. Ismail

    Van Basten vs Romario

    I say VanBasten
  5. Ismail

    Van Basten vs Romario

    Ignore this plz
  6. Ismail

    Pes vs WE

    Couldn't find one so which one?
  7. Ismail

    *** Official News Thread ***

    Don't know if this was useful but who thinks it was worth it?
  8. Ismail

    Xbox 360 vs PS3

    I say Xbox 360.
  9. Ismail

    AC Milan

    Hard to believe that AC Milan Fans didn't make one P.S Someone please post the Milan team, I couldn't find it. ============================== **Inserted by Don Sweey** 2009/10 Squad 1 Dida 12 Abbiati 30 Storari 31 Roma 4 Kaladze 5 Onyewu 13 Nesta 15 Zambrotta 18 Jankulovski 19 Favalli 25...
  10. Ismail

    Who is the best defender in the world?

    I go for Maldini.
  11. Ismail

    Shevchenko vs Henry

    Who do you think is better, I say Shevchenko.
  12. Ismail

    Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Who do you think will win?
  13. Ismail

    Its back-The Premier League!

    Prelude To The First Premiership Weekend 8/13/2005 11:39:00 AM Fans of Wigan Athletic and all neutrals will dream of a famous victory on Sunday against Chelsea as the Latics make their Premiership bow with the visit of the impregnable-looking champions. A case of the newly-arrived against the...
  14. Ismail

    Screenshots of PES5! Its pretty the same
  15. Ismail

    Kaka- Rate him

    Rate Kaka out of ten say your reason. Me: Kaka 9/10 Kaka in 2008 will definetly by world player of the year!
  16. Ismail

    Your opinion- Best player ever!

    Please post from 1-5: 1. Maradona 2. Pele 3. Cruyff 4. Zidane 5. Van Basten ( I wasnt sure with this )
  17. Ismail

    The Best League

    Its obviously 1. Serie A 2. The F.A Premier League 3. La Liga 4. Bundesliga 5. Eredevisie 6. Liga de France 7. Superliga The rest is too comlicated P.s This is my opinion
  18. Ismail

    Palermo Sign Makinwa

    Palermo Sign Makinwa 7/13/2005 11:44:00 AM In the most unexpected move of the week, Sicilian outfit Palermo secured themselves the services of Nigerian sensation Stephan Makinwa. The ‘Rosanero’ dished out 8 million Euros to Atalanta for Makinwa, who is considered by various pundits as the...
  19. Ismail

    Who you think will be playe of the year 05?

    I go for: 1: Ronaldinho 2: Sheva 3. Kaka
  20. Ismail

    Favourites for CL 06.

    I go for AC milan