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  1. Ismail

    Bet Requests

    Man U v Liverpool?
  2. Ismail

    Lampard 30m wonder-volley

    what a strike..
  3. Ismail

    What dont you like about the new PES?

    I just played the demo, and it seems a bit too static. The graphics are immense, bid I'd want them to concentrate on the gameplay. What can I say? The demo was poor, I couldn't play it for 3 games! I mean it was quite poor. - The passing is bad, but better than 09 - The computer STILL does...
  4. Ismail

    The Player Comparison Thread

    Intresting comparison... Henry i would say but very close
  5. Ismail

    The Player Comparison Thread

    Ramos hands down
  6. Ismail

    The Facebook Of Juande Ramos

    lol nice post
  7. Ismail

    PES 2009 FULL GAME impressions (including Dundon's from page 5)

    Great review:). Apparently there is a deal in GAME (for people who live in UK) 14.99 for pro evo 09 if u trade in fifa 09. Is that true by any chance?
  8. Ismail

    Javier Saviola!

    Underrated, underachieving. The hype this man was getting at 18 was abnormal.
  9. Ismail

    Who do you think has the best defence in the world?

    Arsenals defence by name is excellent. But sometimes...
  10. Ismail

    impossible volley 2

    I scored 1 in my whole life ( in 08)
  11. Ismail

    El Clásico 2007/2008 Episode I

    Madrid have beaten Barca. Yiipppeeee, just like I predicted
  12. Ismail

    Your starting 11 for the past twenty years

    The ppl evry1 should include are the following Maradona Zidane Ronaldo Maldini Baresi Van Basten
  13. Ismail

    PES 2008 Bogeys!

    I swear you are one douchebag.
  14. Ismail

    PES 2008 Bogeys!

    I might be a great fan of Pro, (and I always will be) and I believe this is by far the greatest football game ever made; there are a few things I would love for Konami to change. 1. The biggest of them all- dodgey goalies. These are causing a massive problem in my ranking in Xbox live. 2.The...
  15. Ismail

    Best Midfield in the world?

  16. Ismail

    Kaka for the Ballon D'or?

    Kaka will win the ballon d 'or and possibly win the world player of the year. Who agrees with me?
  17. Ismail

    Current Best Keeper?

    to me, buffon is one of the best italian goalkeepers.
  18. Ismail

    [SA] Sampdoria v Inter Milan

    300 on inter PS How do i go to the shop to buy things?
  19. Ismail

    [LL] Villarreal v Real Madrid

    200 on Madrid come on Van nistelrooij!!!!
  20. Ismail

    Jan 07 Transfers

    Has Ronaldo moved to milan yet?