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    What Will You Be Watching?

    Just curious what games you all will be watching this weekend? The board looks boring and since I haven't created a thread in ages, I figured what the hell. Saturday 9 am - Arsenal vs Manchester City 2 pm - Sevilla vs Getafe 4 pm - Madrid vs Atletico (Delayed a few hours, which I'm not...
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    Sergio Aragoneses on hiatus due to cancer

    Poor guy. Wish him the best.
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    Ivory Coast vs Holland

    :angry: I hope Ivory Coast can pull off a win, but I predict a draw of some sort. Tizie Eboue - K. Toure - Meite - Boka Dindane - Y. Toure - Zokora - Akale Keita - Drogba Van der Sar Heitinga - Ooijer - Mathijsen - Van Bronckhorst Van Bommel - Cocu - Sneijder Van Persie - Van...
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    Argentina vs Ivory Coast

    Please discuss the match here. Whoa, anyone watching the game? Pretty entertaining so far. Argentina may have got a goal from Ayala, but the ball may not have gone completely over the line. I'm hoping the Ivory Coast can pull off a win. :)
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    Goalkeepers: Casillas (Real Madrid), Reina (Liverpool), Cañizares (Valencia); Defenders: Antonio López and Pablo (Atlético Madrid), Puyol (Barcelona), Juanito (Betis), Del Horno (Chelsea), Michel Salgado and Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Marchena (Valencia); Midfielders: Cesc (Arsenal)...
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    Rage Against The Machine

    Any fans? A friend told me about them and I went out and picked up "The Battle of Los Angeles" the next day. Loved it. I started reading about them and then bought "Evil Empire" and their self titled album too. Their ST is probably one of my favorite CDs ever. Tom is such a great guitar...
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    Villarreal CF

    Squad List Keeper Javier López Vallejo 1 Sebastian Viera 13 Mariano Daniel Barbosa 25 Defence Gonzalo Javier Rodríguez 2 Rodolfo Martín Arruabarrena 3 Juan Pablo Sorín 12 Jan Kromkamp 15 Quique Álvarez Sanjuán 16 Javier "Javi" Rodríguez Venta 17 Alessio...
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    Classic Fantasy League Sign Up

    Here is the basic idea of this new league that I'm contemplating making. These aren't done deal rules and I do have more things to add, but I'd like to put it out and see what you all thought. A key thing, if you are in the current FL you can not play in this league. I want to keep...