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  1. pier69

    Which faces of PES6 has been updated ?

    i heard some generic faces from PES5 has been updated , can anyone tell me who they are , thanks
  2. pier69

    Top 5 Hip Hop/RnB cd ?

    what is your favorite Top 5 Hip Hop/RnB cd ? This is mine 1. Dr Dre - The chronic 2001 2. 2Pac- Me Againts The World 3. Eminem - Marshall Matters LP 4. Jay Z - The Blueprint 5. Shyne - Godfather Buried Alive
  3. pier69

    Any Slipknot Fans ?!

    I want you all to put your finger in the air !!! are you ready for this maggots !!!!
  4. pier69

    Smith's ankle injury

    does anyone have a picture of it ? i heard that it's pretty bad
  5. pier69


    so it goes like this , i was in my friend's house he's like a new guy in school from austria and he's pretty cool, and we're just hanging out havin some fun , then he played some songs from his playlist and i heard like a couple of ramstein songs , i was like " what the fuck is this guy singing...
  6. pier69

    Wrestling Other Federations Thread !

    Wrestling thread !! to talk about other federations besides WWE. TNA , ROH , Puroresu (japanese wrestling) or other indy feds ! please enjoy
  7. pier69

    Pavel Nedved smoking

    thought soccer players don't smoke , i was wrong . one of my fave players smoke too haha (maybe it's jsut a pice of paper)
  8. pier69

    Is man utd gonna have a jersey change ?

    i heard rumours that man utd is gonna change their jersey , like having a classic look like arsenal , munich , real madrid and all that , is this true ?
  9. pier69

    just watched Green Street Hooligans

    i think it's not a bad movie , didn't know england had diffrent gangs for diffrent soccer teams , so is it true ? just curious . like these guys support west ham i think , and they're always fighting with the gangs from millwall
  10. pier69

    need help

    i remember someone gave me a website that has all the in game editing kits , and how they are done and the real player names now i can't find them even in te search forums.can i have those websites again , thanks a lot i really appreciate it
  11. pier69

    Players real names

    hi , i realise that there's many rubbish names in caopaolo , which is in fact sao paolo fc , and i can't figure out a lot of the real player names , does anyone know the real player names, so far ive got grafite ,amoroso,cicinho and rogeio ceni . can anyone tell me the others , it'll be great if...
  12. pier69

    Archie Thompson

    if any of you guys watch A-League matches , archie thompson of melbourne victory is a really good buy , u will be impressed when u see him play, PSV wants to sign this player cuz coach hiddink also coaches the aussie team and he saw great potential in the player
  13. pier69

    Sydney FC -A League-

    since there's perth glory and melbourne victory , how can sydney fc be left out ?
  14. pier69

    Dougie Freedman of Crystal Palace

    oi guys , sorry i wanna know more abt him. I never watch much of crystal palace , but when i sawa compilation video of this guy, i was tottally blown away , this guy is like le tissier.he's amazing with his dribbling skills , heading and scoring. how old is he ? and what is his nationality ?
  15. pier69

    skiping stones

    oi guys , ive been trying to score and skip the ball for like 3 skips i always suceeded in 2 skips. ive been trying to reach 4 skips. is it possible ? can u guys like tell me how many skips u had?
  16. pier69

    Muscular football players

    some tanked football players that u know of , ive just realised that baptista is not fat. but he's massively huge feel the power of the beast
  17. pier69

    Australia release date ?

    hei mate , just wonderin if anyone know the release date of PES5 in oz NSW , some say its at 28th , im so amped to play this game , cheers
  18. pier69

    playing the demo with analog controller

    ive played the demo and i think its great its fine when i use my keayboard , but when i use my analog controller to play it , the button configurations in the options section are correct but , its all gone so messy in gameplay , like the X button becomes the long pass , the triangle button...
  19. pier69

    Current On & Off form Players

    there's quite some on form players now this season , one of them is drogba , it's like he's henry this season , scoring and assisting. raul is begginning to score goals too and del boy is sooo good . Eto'o is becoming less spectacular than he is last season
  20. pier69

    some questions for pro evo 5

    will ther be pro evo 5 on pc ? cuz ive been searchin and they only said that it was ps2 or xbox , no mention on pc , and if there's one for pc ,will the release date be the same as the ps2 ?