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    Craig Bellamy signs for Blackburn. Just under £5 million for a top Premiership striker who is 25 years old...that's an amazing signing for us. I always said when he was at Newcastle that, when on form, there was only Henry better in the league...
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    A challenge for Italian football experts...

    Find me Corrado 'Ciccio' Grabbi! The legendary ex-Blackburn striker was last seen playing for Ancona in Serie A, however they were relegated and went bust and consequently demoted to Serie C2 or something like that. According to transfer sites he's still at Ancona, however he's not...
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    White Noise (potential spoiler inside, don't read if you don't want to know)

    Has anyone seen this? The hype about it being scary is way over the top, there's certainly some parts that will set the pulse racing but they're quite rare. It's a good film but I don't think they should have played on fear thing too much, it could have a Blair Witch Project effect and leave...
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    Conference standard ball-boys. Part of this clip was shown on Soccer AM but they failed to show the first part. I have no idea what they were both thinking but no wonder they're only doing conference games. :D The first kid...
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    Have UEFA gone mad?

    Turkey to host Champions League final With Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd seemingly in with a decent chance of reaching the final...the prospect of 20,000 English fans in Istanbul is a bit scary to say the least.
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    The Dwight Yorke incident.

    I appreciate this has been discussed slightly in the Roberto Carlos topic but that seems to have diverted beck to the topic title and then back to Spain as a whole...trying to carry out two or three seperate discussions in there could get a bit messy and the amount of attention on this incident...
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    Support Real Madrid? Support racism.

    No question mark at the end, none needed. Support a club supported by those bigotted, racist scumbags and you may as well join them. Yes, I know there's Real Madrid fans in here and I know they'll get annoyed and come out with some kind of strange defence involving "I like...
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    I'm A Heron Addict.

    Are you?
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    Football is losing it's appeal.

    Two artiles which make very interesting reading: Attendences go into decline TV viewing figures hit 10 year low I've been feeling myself getting less and less interested by football for a while now, I thought it was only me but it appears it is becoming a nationwide trend. It's hardly...
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    Cheapest way to play a patched game?

    Ok guys...after many years of playing an untouched PS2 I've decided it's time to modify it so I can have proper kits for PES4...this is really inspired by the news that there is no striped kits in the editor and I know that's really going to get on my nerves. Anyway...I visited...
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    -87.5 points?

    Looks like I'm into my did that happen? I never bought anything. Edit: Of course...I've just got some points for making this topic so I now have more, but it's still negative.
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    Wayne Rooney

    It's about time we had some more Wayne Rooney topics in here. So.....ermmmm....isn't he fat, eh?
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    Shearer to make Rovers return?

    Souness plots to bring Shearer back to Ewood Park :eek: I don't know what to say...
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    Legal mumbo jumbo

    Just wondered if there is any policy on people pasting things from other websites? On the Blackburn site I post on they had a well document case of another messageboard being sued by a news site for breach of copyright pinned at the top for a while. Basically, the jist of it was that if you...
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    The coming season - teams and predictions

    I'm a bit bored at the moment, and I've been thinking about the coming season and I must admit I'm getting quite excited...some of the teams look quite exciting and personally I feel the gap between the top clubs and the rest has closed during this summer. Anyway...this is how I see the teams...
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    Final Pitch Invader

    Does anyone have a video for this highly amusing moment? At the time I was really annoyed, but the more they replayed it like it was a goal the more I found it funny. If someone could a find a video of this sublime goal I would be very grateful. :D
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    Ruud is a cheat

    Ok, so it's nothing that we already didn't know...but I just thought I had to share this picture with people: Shocking. :eek:
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    Euro 2004 Downloads?

    Does anybody know of any good sites to download goals and/or highlights from the tournament (preferably in good quality - i.e. not BBC or ITV). looked good but has stopped putting things up since the England v Croatia game (the one that I want). Any help will...
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    The Humble Pie topic - Rooney style

    Ok, this topic is set up for those of you who feel you have something to get off your chest. You know the feeling, every time Rooney has banged one in you've thought "Oops, I shouldn't have said that". Well here's your chance to let it all out, your very own confession box if you will...
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    Blackburn make first move in Pedersen race

    Article Blackburn Rovers are in discussions with Tromso about the £1.5 million transfer of Morten Gamst Pedersen, the highly rated left winger. He is also thought to be attracting interest from Aston Villa, Newcastle and Manchester United who all see the 22 year old Norwegian international...