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    Why remove basic features like player stats?

    I really like the new master league, it needed a big update after nothing for years but what I don't understand is why remove some basic useful features like seeing how many goals/assists your team members have? This surely removes one of basic management tools! Also I really like the record...
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    Woodward to coach Southampton!?!? Who would have thought Southampton would be able to get a coach who has won the World Cup for England? Pity it's the wrong sport :p
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    Vieira to Real??? Apparently Vieira wants to quit Arsenal for Real Madrid and 30 million with Morientes should do the trick. Do you think this will happen or are the tabloids just getting excited bout this cos nothing much else is happening in footy at...
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    Winning Eleven on PSP?? That'd be amazing and if the PSP has almost as good specifications as PS2 it could be a scaled down version of the PS2 versions. I've seen this list on several sites so it seems genuine.
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    Can someone post updated stats for Heinze unless the ones in PES are accurate (I hope not!)
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    Most arrogant footie managers

    Has to be Mourinho "I am the European champion. I think I am a special one." Arsene Wenger would have been but the team unbeaten throughout the whole season thing was actually true :(
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    England Vs Japan

    What do you think of this one? terry nearly socred a moment ago.
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    Who is going to get relegated from the Premiership

    As we move into the vital last games of the premiership who do you think will be relegated? My three would be Portsmouth, Leicester and Wolves. I think Leeds will just escape. Mainly cos they have Viduka and Alan Smith, class players and the other three don't have players of that calibre.
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    Who is going to win the Champions League?

    Out of the four teams left in it, Deportivo, Porto, Chelsea and Monaco who do you think will win? And why?
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    Man Utd 1 - Arsenal 0

    Did Arsenal really care or have Man Itd put a wheel in their spokes? Good win anyway :)
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    All january transfers

    Has anybody made a list of all the transfers that happened in January like the one that was made fter the summer? It would be a real help.
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    Liam Miller

    Is Liam Miller in the game? In celtic? If not can someone create him because he is moving to Man Utd soon.
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    Improved stats for Duff

    Can anyone post improved stats for Duff as they are rubbish.
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    What are the best start settings for PES3?

    Is there any combination of settings (you know transfer frequency etc) which mean the top clubs buy the best players and the bottom clubs crap or ordinary players? Cos at the mo on my settings all the good players are being shared out between clubs and no one posses a threat! I want a real...
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    Arsenal late win

    Arsenal have just won 1-0 against Dinamo Kiev with two minutes to go ashley cole scores from a header.
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    When ever i do a cross it seems to go towards goal can anyone tell me what im doing wrong! Its annoying.......except for that time i scored from a cross and it won me the division 1 cup semi final of course :)
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    What song are you currently listening to?

    What song are you currently listening to or is in your head. Mine is: Wind of change, by The Scorpians
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    Free Kicks

    Can someone post a free kick guide like there was for PES2, i can't get the hang of them! You seem to be able to hold square on longer and have to aim nearer to the keeper.
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    Konami obsession with old players

    Even on PES3 Konami is obsessed with old players who used to be good but refused to admit young players can be good to. If they shone in a world cup, or were good ten years ago they still are! Whereas new talent isn't good on PES3. For example Robbie Fowler has better stats than Anelka. Rivaldo...
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    Man Utd second team

    When playing PES3 i realised how bad a second team man utd really have. Can they win verses Leeds tonight when they put out a second team? They couldn't against Fulham at home! And this team has even less stars! Don't get me wrong i know they're "for the future" and i know the first team are one...