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  1. BurnaReds

    Pes2009 Pc Demo Here,demo:download,1106165.html PC demo here..
  2. BurnaReds

    Liverpool Theme-pes2008-by Burna;8899987;/fileinfo.html For all the reds.....only a version 1.0, i may improve it yet. Install with GGS 7.1.8 or higher, haven't tried installing with AFSExplorer yet, but i know GGS works. Just import each .bin file...
  3. BurnaReds

    Master League team online??

    I've read that it's possible to use a master league team online on PC. But i can't see how it's done. Can anyone help? I've seen players in the rankings list who have used them and have different club badges in their last 5 screen. Is it just in the in game competitions? Maybe i'll have to...
  4. BurnaReds

    Robbie Fowler chip over Buffon

    Long range chip from God
  5. BurnaReds

    Robinho postage stamp hit

    First time shot online with Robinho, curls right into the corner.
  6. BurnaReds

    Disconnections On Pes6

    I played a geezer today online on ps2 and got an early penalty which i scored. Then i carried on the game with no opponent. It seems he disconnected, his players were not moving so i carried on and scored another 5 with the countdown running before every kick off. At the end of the game, he had...
  7. BurnaReds

    Can you use headset on PC Pro Evo 5?

    I've been looking for an answer to this question all over the place but no joy. Is it possible to talk online through a headset on PES5 PC version? Me and me mate will find it hilarious if it's possible. Please help..