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  1. Snake-UK

    100+ Video Adboards PES2008 PC

    at least you have the files, checked mine, have no adboards 38, only 19/20 and no unnamed38 either
  2. Snake-UK

    wierd line appearing on screen suring play?

    The line is from vsync, there is an option to turn on vsync on the settings, this fixed it for me.
  3. Snake-UK

    PES 2008 online

    So has anyone managed to get on? thought it was comming online for 12, seems not, and ive just heard that there is no more 2v2? confirm anyone cos that would really suck. edit nm just went to register to see what happens, the PC online servers are down till monday GG
  4. Snake-UK

    Online Mode and random select

    there is still a random buttom to random a team, not sure on 2v2, if that if true then Konami have indeed screwed up
  5. Snake-UK

    Premier League team emblems...

    its for pc only
  6. Snake-UK

    Buying Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

    got mine from work today at gamestation, but so far the news is no major retailer has broke the release yet, as soon as one does, they all do it so you will know!
  7. Snake-UK

    Premier League team emblems...

    im gussing u gota search the file once its loaded since i didnt get any options or a tick box or any files to browse
  8. Snake-UK

    Premier League team emblems...

    ty ill do that now!, but how do u import it exactly :P meh nm got the wrong program
  9. Snake-UK

    Premier League team emblems...

    i know this is noobie of me but what is this GGS?
  10. Snake-UK

    Shirt Pulling?

    Not sure my self, would also like to know but i have a feeling its just when ur applying pressure.
  11. Snake-UK

    Pc! Pes2008 Wtf!?!

    im sure i seen this player cam, is it just the camera following the player on the ball instead of the ball? if so the feature is there, but i aint checked to see if u can just go a player
  12. Snake-UK

    Installed but settings pops with error?

    Heh i dont know m8, Konami's said they dont support Vista, i just read about this and noticed everyone who complained pretty much had 4gig ram, and i had it working with 2 gig, bought another gfx card to sli and ram to up it to 4gig, i presummed it was the cards but it is the ram i can confirm...
  13. Snake-UK

    Installed but settings pops with error?

    Same problem here, do you have 4 gig of ram as well, i did, and it seems it was that, took 2 gig out now it runs fine.
  14. Snake-UK

    PES 2008 Vram problem

    found out its if you have 4gig of ram on vista64, take 2gig out and it runs fine.
  15. Snake-UK

    Is the PC version the same as 360 and PS3?

    Shame if you are running Vista 64 because konami decided not to make this game work with modern OS. Ohh and afaik the PC version is next gen, at least it looks like it.
  16. Snake-UK

    PES 2008 Vram problem

    yeah, playing with SLi 8800's, i can play the demo, but the retail version i play with nes gfx :P
  17. Snake-UK

    PES 2008 Vram problem

    Anyone got the PC version yet? ive noticed that with windows vista 64, it still doesnt work, now i had this working on the demo, then i installed a 2nd 8800 gfx card, and then it said i didnt have enough vram(64min) even tho i had 640mb x2, so i got this kitserver patch which seemed to make it...
  18. Snake-UK

    Postal Strikes . . . .from 15th october onwards!

    i work in gamestation so ill be getting my early copy there, probaly get it in on the wed, u should try chipshop 2000 teb they sometimes get early copies in to sell