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  1. Snake-UK

    PES 2008 online

    So has anyone managed to get on? thought it was comming online for 12, seems not, and ive just heard that there is no more 2v2? confirm anyone cos that would really suck. edit nm just went to register to see what happens, the PC online servers are down till monday GG
  2. Snake-UK

    PES 2008 Vram problem

    Anyone got the PC version yet? ive noticed that with windows vista 64, it still doesnt work, now i had this working on the demo, then i installed a 2nd 8800 gfx card, and then it said i didnt have enough vram(64min) even tho i had 640mb x2, so i got this kitserver patch which seemed to make it...
  3. Snake-UK

    Xbox 360 & PES6 Option Files

    Hey guys, been wondering if anyone knows how to get the edited options to a 360, i have not got xbox live setup so im not sure how i would get it, i also dont have a max drive (not sure even if it works for 360) So if anyone has any ideas on how to get it on my 360 please let me know as i...
  4. Snake-UK


    Well i registerd here for the PES5 release after a friend told me about it, i was going to get a max drive at the time to make use of the excellent option files, instead my friend came around with his memory card and copied it, and i totally forgot about this site until i got an email for my...