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    FIFA 13 Discussion

    Keep trying the demo but it just ain't happening. The gameplay just don't click for me. And the players move like burglers. Used to love online clubs though bet that's still a winner
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    Major sound and framerate issues (Xbox 360 Slim)

    Have you installed the game to your hard drive? Just a thought. As games are meant to run better on Xbox when installed
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    Resident Evil 6 [PS3/360/PC]

    Downloaded the demo. will play it tomoz. But i know i wont like it!
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    Why does KONAMI keep removing good things about previous PES games?

    I wish they would add the option to skip replays, As this becomes annoying as shit after a while.
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    Why does KONAMI keep removing good things about previous PES games?

    Snows a deffo. The menu system seems a bit gay to me as well. Drag and drop players etc. Not sure if its me or my pad, But the arrow fucks off all over the place
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    Why does KONAMI keep removing good things about previous PES games?

    It usually happens with a lot of games tbh. If they diden't alter certain things, People would complain that "Nothings changed" And that it would become boring quickly. Even though that the content they remove might be good. I enjoyed the shooting in pes 11. Im sure the shooting was decent in...
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    Resident Evil 6 [PS3/360/PC]

    I think the xbox demo is out today according to xbox mag. But i aint been on and checked. Yep its on the dashboard. And theres quite a few moaning about it due to various gripes!
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    Arn't you the serial spammer lol
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    First Review

    abu. Just interested. You were a bit unsure of the pes demo. Have you changed your mind after playing it a few weeks?. The only 2 niggles i have at the moment are not being able to go into 50/50 challenges with the keeper (Sometimes it would be easier for the player to win the ball. But then the...
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    First Review

    [email protected] Greasy haired prima donna on the front cover! Ultimate professionals as ever. Cant wait to read the fifa review with "ugly bastard with the tudor haircut on the front cover"
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    New Laptop

    You mean a finger or the laptop?
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    First Review

    Its kn23m the famous SPAM HUNTER!
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    Pes 13 dude?

    Pes 13 dude?
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    Battlefield 4 [PC/PS4/One/PS3/360]

    Im interested for sure in bf4. I hope it is on next gen consoles, There is no more room on todays consoles if you ask me for cods and bfs etc, becoming very stale and boring. Im not so sure about the new medal of honor though. The first one was ok but nothing special
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    Im not falling for it.. Again

    Here Here. I was shocked at the "Nice animation engine" The graphics dident seem that great to me. Not as i would have expected
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    PES 2013 Demo 2: Feedback, Impressions, Discussions etc.

    Well played some more games of pes and fifa demos this afternoon, And my opinion yet again that pes feels better, Smoother gameplay. The last fifa i played in 2011 i thought was boring and repetitive. If 2 years later this is all a superpower like ea can come up with then they really are taking...
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    Commentary team on pes 13

    Andy grey? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo reminds me off the old fifa days. His voice did get on my tits!
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    PES2013: Upload your goals

    Thats a cool goal. I would be well pleased with that effort. In fact the only way i would score like that would be by accident to!
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    Got hands on full version of PES13 (PS3)

    How can you say it ruins ML when you ain't even played it yet?
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    FIFA 13 Discussion

    I played the demo for a few nights, And i did hit the woodwork quite a few times. Thought nothing of it until i saw your post. In a word YES!