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    Will you be buying Pes13 then?

    Forget this bit!
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    Game Instructions

    One very important thing which i cannot believe Konami left out was a detailed instruction manual. Jesus christ surely if they would have showed people how to defend, Shoot etc, Then posts in this forum would have been answered. It tells you the basic buttons but does not show you how to...
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    Give us a non 5 star team lobby konami

    Seems like people are getting fed up with playing the same top teams online for obvious reasons. So lets give some feedback!. Note this is a seperate online lobby for people wanting to play against other people with lower teams, Not abolishing other online modes. So if you wanted to play real...
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    Whos on battlefield 3?

    Edited Seen thread below!
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    Slash'rs Usb Explorer

    Anyone know where to get this file. The links given dont work! Itching to get editing! All Sorted now!
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    Tips Someone pointed me to this guide. Some very usefull tips here
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    Internet providers?

    What internet providers and speeds do you all have? Im with Virginmedia and have 20meg connection. Find this superb. Usually end up hosting games on Xbox.
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    Xbox tv settings

    What is the recommended settings for HDTV and Xbox? I have mine on 1080P but ive tried the others and they look the same to me. Just wondering if there is a "right" setting
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    How do you guys like to score?

    Just wondering how you men like to get the ball in the net. Do you build up possetion patiently? or do you like you hit it wide to wingers and whip crosses in?. Or are you a bit of a longball specialist?. I try to be patient with the ball but i always end up trying to stab a high through ball...
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    Pes 12 defending This may help some people on here with defending. Not tried it out yet but will have a go tonight
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    Whats in a patch?

    Call me stupid, But i could never be arsed with the technical jargon, So i was just wondering with all the stuff people are complaining about in the pes 12 demo (Gkeepers, Defending problems etc). What can konami exactly fix in a patch or 2. And what can they not fix? :innocent: Cheers
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    Hi all

    Hello everyone!!! I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to PES i'm afraid. Used to play Fifa (Booooooooooo)with mates then realised it was a crock of shit and decided to give pro a go. Jesus....Cant believe how much better it feels, All these years wasted!!!. Cant wait for pes12 demo on Sexbox to...