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    oesukinsyn's ps3 controller settings.exe download link?

    anyone got oesukinsyn's ps3 controller settings.exe (2011) and can re-upload it? dead link everywhere :(
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    how to edit crests on pes 6 (pc)

    is there anyway to import crests on pc? (there's no other pes 6 forum so i dunno where else to post)
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    which pes is best for riding dinosaur?

    which pes is best for riding dinosaur? so the options are between PES6, PS2 version of 2008/2009 (emulator).
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    any way to remove/ edit UEFA captain armband?

    is there any way to remove/ edit UEFA captain armband? (i'm still on pes 2011 but similar thing still exists in pes 2018, i post here as Older PES Forums seem to be ignored)
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    can you base copy in pes2010?

    i wanna copy few players from PES2010 who will disappear in 2011, and then "use prequel data" in PES2011. the PSP & PS2 versions allow base copy but i can't find the option in PC version :unsure: is it hidden somewhere or komami just strangely scrap that away from PC?
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    any new funny feature since PES2011?

    after 2011, is there any newer PES with fun feature? PES 2011 got pumpkin heads, roman helmet, wooden bucket football etc. PES 6 & PES 2008 got dinosaur, ostrich, dog heads etc. i haven't bought any new PES since pes2011, wondering if any newer ones are as creative & fun as old pes.