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  1. Giggsy11

    Missing Champions League Teams

    Forgive me guys but this is my first real pro evo since 2005, and i've searched the net about this for ages but see no answer, but i'm assuming its normal that certain teams are missing from the champions league in the game. I always assumed when Konami had the licence that every team would...
  2. Giggsy11

    FIFA 07 tricks

    Why Does Every Fifa Thread Turn Into A Place Of Hate And A Barrage Of Imature Bullshit This Is The Other Gaming Section Stfu All Of U Kids
  3. Giggsy11

    Ben Thatcher's horror tackle on Pedro Mendes

    it was bad yeh but sumet tells me he didnt mean to deliberatly hit the player, he just led with his arm and the pace he was goin out hit him
  4. Giggsy11

    What song are you currently listening to?

    Anything by G-Unit
  5. Giggsy11

    Ugliest footballer at the moment

    Luke Chadwick
  6. Giggsy11

    Football/Goal Video Clips & Requests Thread

    Anyone have a video of Henrys celebration after he scored that free-kick v Wigan, i love it! :D
  7. Giggsy11

    FIFA '06 or PES5.... hmm

    Get Both
  8. Giggsy11

    Top 10 most anticipated Xbox360 games?

    FIFA 06 road to world cup
  9. Giggsy11

    fifa 2006

    Ah well its better it being crap for being too hard than when it was too easy i guess :laugh:
  10. Giggsy11

    fifa 2006

    one bad thing about FIFA is the goalkeepers are so hard. everything else is quality tho
  11. Giggsy11

    fifa 2006

    I wasn't being rude, i put a :laugh: smiley at the end to indicate a joke, wheras u just told me i was fucking stupid.
  12. Giggsy11

    fifa 2006

    What is the fucking point in that fucking immaturity, Do some fucking growing up then get back to me
  13. Giggsy11

    fifa 2006

    Exactly WRONG, headers are piss hard in this years FIFA but very easy in 05 Your m8 must be blind :laugh:
  14. Giggsy11

    fifa 2006

    ok heres the link Its about 2:10 in length and 30mb in file size :)
  15. Giggsy11

    fifa 2006

    Yeh i must say that they are from the 90's/now era, good music soundtrack in the background so turn the volume right up :) alot of prem goals in there too, all great goals, about 11mins left to upload complete
  16. Giggsy11

    fifa 2006

    Uploading now :)
  17. Giggsy11

    fifa 2006

    The gameplay this year in my opinion is good, i aint seen one bug since buying it. Its alot harder to score, the keepers are solid and it doesnt feel like u are on a train track like on pro evo. So far i've been hooked :) Anyways there are some really nice touches in FIFA a few things like being...
  18. Giggsy11

    fifa 2006

    I just scored a pretty decent goal with smith on Fifa, here is the link to the vid. It had to be compressed so the quality aint the best, but it looks good enough :)
  19. Giggsy11

    Manchester United

    I would love to see either Gerrard or Ballack to replace Roy Keane for long-term.
  20. Giggsy11

    nakamura vs park ji sung

    I can only say park ji sung cos i aint even heard of the other one