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  1. Giggsy11

    Missing Champions League Teams

    Forgive me guys but this is my first real pro evo since 2005, and i've searched the net about this for ages but see no answer, but i'm assuming its normal that certain teams are missing from the champions league in the game. I always assumed when Konami had the licence that every team would...
  2. Giggsy11


    Anyone gonna be watching Joey on channel 5 on Sunday? I adore the series Friends and Joey was an excellent character and it all about him trying to suceed as an actor, Looks Good. Anyone from the US already seen it? Whats the reviews like?
  3. Giggsy11

    Can anyone help me find a decent card?

    Ok i am looking to upgrade my graphics card, i recently got an nvidia 5200 PCI 256mb to upgrade from my intergrated on-board card. It is miles better than that but now i want one which is alot better, my motherboard can only support PCI and PCI express cards, but i have quite a low budget of...
  4. Giggsy11

    Emblem Transparentsy??

    Ok i made danny boys man utd emblem and i placed it on the shirt and it has the man utd emblem on a white flag background is there anyway to make the flag background transparent so its just the logo? or do i need to edit the background color to the same color as the shirt?
  5. Giggsy11

    UltraBeat: Pretty Green Eyes

    Hi Anyone know what the current version of ultrabeat's pretty green eyes is called? i heard it was number 1 and its being played on radio 1, Its not the original and have downloaded several versions but there the wrong ones, anyone have any ideas?
  6. Giggsy11

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

    Bought this game today for XBox, anyone else got it? Its great and the gameface is wicked - whats everyones opinion?
  7. Giggsy11

    Black Arrow Online?

    Anyone here actualy play Black Arrow online? I play it every day and its amazing i am just asking cos then i can know who plays it online here on the forums
  8. Giggsy11


    Anyhere like Keane, or got there album there album is shear class
  9. Giggsy11

    Final Fantasy XI

    Anyone here got Final Fantasy XI (11) its online only and now available in the UK for pc, anyone got it and is it worth buying?
  10. Giggsy11

    Ruud Van Nistlerooy Volley

    Ruud Van Nistlerooy Volleys Home after a great lobbed ball from Bellion.
  11. Giggsy11

    Beckham Free-Kick v Italy

    Ok here's a quality Beckham Free-Kick Against Italy, i had this on pesfan and posted a link to it a while ago but was hard to find so heres a direct link to it.
  12. Giggsy11

    Giggsy11's Goal Gallery

    Looking through some replys on my memory card i got the following to show ya....enjoy :cool: Roy Keane Half-Volley from a Saha Cross Saha Long Range-Strike curled into top Corner v Juventus...
  13. Giggsy11

    Chris Moyle's - Radio1

    Anyone listen to Chris Moyle's on Radio1? Even if u don't like listening to radio 1 or u listen to another station tune into radio one in the mornings for the radio show, he also has car park catchphrase which is hilarious, You can go to and follow the links to listen to his...
  14. Giggsy11


    Does anyone remember the name of that game with the 'globes'? the online game that was posted on here a while ago, i can't remember the website or how to spell it lol. :p
  15. Giggsy11

    Eve Online

    Hi Guys, Has anyone heard of or played a game called Eve? Heres some info about it...... This game is online Only and runs perfect on 56K and has wonderfull graphics, It is set in outspace and you start with your own spaceship and You choose and create a character which you can assign his/her...
  16. Giggsy11

    Ryan Giggs?

    Just thought i would ask what peoples opinions are of Ryan Giggs? He is obviously my favorite player of all time And i think he is a true pro, He is always on the back pages of papers, Isn't late for training, never goes out boozing, is loyal and has excellent ability, Even at 30 he is skinning...
  17. Giggsy11

    Did you expect pes3 to be better than it is?

    Hey dudes, Just thinking i haven't created a pes3 thread in general discussion for a while so here goes ;) , When we all had pes2 and where awaiting the release of pes3 did you expect pes3 to be better than it is now or are you amazed that they got pes3 better than you thought? Personnally i was...
  18. Giggsy11

    Beckham & Carlos

    Ok i hope this is ok, I have 2 goals from pesfan (my x-port is broke so i can't put them directly on insight, sorry) I can't provide a direct link but click on 'ps2 goals'-'free-kicks', And my goals are the top 2 in the section called 'Beckham freekick' and 'Carlos freekick 2' both scored by...
  19. Giggsy11

    Rio Appeal turned down

    Well his appeal has been turned down and i can't belive the F.A tried to extend it!!! That annoys me the most. :mad:
  20. Giggsy11

    Giggsy11's Free-Kick Guide for PES3

    Ok i created this a while ago with-in a thread in general discussion so i decided to put it in the right place for ppl to see, I'm not claiming to be no expert but all of you who are hopeless at free-kicks this may help. Free-Kick Controls :x: - Pass (This is just used to pass the ball...