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    patch 1.06 crashes pes 2014 whenever i want to play online

    Its official , patch 1.06 and dlc 3 is crashing the game when someone tries to enter online. this only happens to windows 8.1 (64 bit ) users
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    2 vs 2 old way possible ?

    what is the fucking camera angle they are using for the multilayer ? can i play 2vs 2 like the pes 2011 style ? plain and pure delight that was ... normal camera angle .. 2 player vs 2 player .. please konami ...
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    Cannot ener into lobby/online ! PC version !

    is the servers up by now ? i cannot log in to the lobby , it keeps coming back to the previous page of the exhibition menu. whats wrong ?
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    can someone confirm it ? ( 4vs4 )

    i heard in some other forum that 8 players now can play on offline mode ? i mean multiplayer ... is it true ?
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    Fifa 13 Vs PES 2013

    Not bashing of any games ... Just a constructive comparison between the both Demo. as we know the PES 2013 Demo 2 is the same as the final version and fifa demo also the same as the final version ( yah u heard it right , the speed will remain the same ) .. i have not seen any fifa vs pes...
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    Buy Digital Download Version ( PC ) ! with 16% off before 21/09/2012 !

    Ok its the best place to buy the PC version of PES. i have bought PES 2011 and PES 2012 from that site. Its so hard t get the link of digital download version of pes , even Google couldnt help me. so thought it would be helpful for those who cant get the shipment of the DVD version. This digital...
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    what type of matches will improve my completion rate ?

    is it only quick matches that improve my match completion rate ? for some weired reason last one week i got lots of disconnections .. my questions is .. if i play on lobby only will it improve my match completion rates ? is it friednly or ranking match only ? thanks in advance
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    pC version _ disconnect problem ?

    anyone having disconnect problem of the PC version ? its bugging me a lot ...
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    soh , PES2012 ... the best football game on earth ever ?

    PES2012 after the patch 1.01 is amazing .. the level of football you can play with it is unprecedented till now. yeah u can say glitches here and there alright but with the bigger picture , pes2012 , in my opinion surpassed all other football game including fifa 12 etc. We all know Fifa is a...
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    how to unlock superstar difficulty pes 2012

    im on pc version ...
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    Ahh .. Flying Trapping at last !

    The flow of the game is so awesome ! just like real football game ! And i didn't notice there flying trapping Very much present .. WooW , the thing i was missing in all previous PES.
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    Who said players dont make support runs ?

    just scored a gola and its PURE AI in action ! i havent pressed any R2 or whatever ...
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    Half of the Fifa guys are leaving Fifa this year and joining pes !

    Pes2011 .. Amazing Game ! Playing EUFA champions league and it feels real ! and look how EA forum thinks about Fifa11 this year compared to Pes2011
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    PES 5/6 , Nostalgic Euphoria ?

    I installed PES 5 and 6 Extensively on My PC and cant see the reason these games are so highly rated these days by some of people. Ya these were great in early days but isnt those too silly for today's standard ? like some people are comparing pes 06/05 to pes2011 , i mean i cant see anything...
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    pes2011 , the Best PES ever ?

    yes or no ? by the way ... Hell yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! Its the Best pes ever !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Demo out on psn+ now! Use this thread to discuss demo!

    just check out on your psn+ guys. Demo is already out !
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    WoW.. Final code will have Pressure sensitive Analog Dribling !

    Its confirmed by Asim , the admin of GOD is a Geek site that the final code will be Sexual and much much better than the gamescom code and it will have a number of new gaemplay features. one is the pressure sensitive analog dribling ! like now we have only 2 options of walk and run but with this...
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    New Trailor .... Awesome !

    Watch this Winning Eleven2010/PES2010 new 7 minuite trailor ! .. WOW ..
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    The moment of truth ! DOWNLOAD LINK OD DEMO ! Mirror
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    Demo dates for PC specailly ?

    in otehr forum i heard its 23rd of september .. is it true ? and i also ehard rumors about an early release ... need some light on that ..