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  1. Usul

    Pointing devices (mouse alternative)

    I've had problems with my right hand from excessive use coupled with bad positions, so I was wondering what alternatives there are in the market. Something like the penclic, maybe. I've looked around but haven't found anything better than that. I was thinking of buying a touchpad or one of...
  2. Usul

    Ancient Aliens

    I just finished watching five seasons of this. Firstly, not everything has to be because of extraterrestrials, you fucking idiots. If it weren't for fools like Tsoukalos, Danikken and Childress, it may have been an excellent informative show. They do link and bring up very interesting...
  3. Usul


    It's not what it used to be, but in some ways I still prefer it to MMA. I do like MMA and think that the rules are more realistic, but K-1 forbids grabs and clinching, so it is usually relentless kneeing, punching and kicking to head, legs and torso. None of that wrestling on the mat for most of...
  4. Usul

    Marvel Avengers Alliance [FaceBook/Playdom]

    Anyone playing this? It's a great 'facebook' game, actually. Can also be played on iOS machines. I'm practically hooked to it. PvP is so competitive.
  5. Usul

    The Kaufman Lawler Feud

    I spent a day watching this a few weeks ago. It's truly legendary television. One of the greatest pranks of all time. It became obvious after a while, but still funny as shit. I do feel the world of wrestling owes a lot to these two. I'm sure many of you know of this, and have seen the feud...
  6. Usul

    History Channel's "Vikings"

    Yes, a History channel series. Just started watching the first episode, with the first season already concluded. Looks very promising, and realistic enough. I'm already liking Ragnar. Plus his wife rocks. Was surprised to see Gabriel Byrne in it. Hopefully more surprise appearances...
  7. Usul

    Ronaldinho - One of Football's Greatest

    This man deserves a shrine in this forum. You better wash your hands before you post in this thread. Here's a Sky Sport's 'Football's Greatest' documentary which I enjoyed and I'm sure many of you have seen: Djx0OrHHi6E 8absGUSLQx4 :crymore: There's a nice Canal+ 'Informe Robinson' about...
  8. Usul

    [PC] Neverwinter

  9. Usul


    This show deserves a thread merely based on U777 being in it. You must all call him Grant from now on. :lol:
  10. Usul

    Spartacus - War of the Damned ptX_pjz5s2k Looks promising. Episode one airs this Thursday. :happy:
  11. Usul

    FIFA Ballon d'Or 2012

    Great choice of suit, Ruud. :no: EDIT: Messi.. :huh:
  12. Usul

    IFFHS's World Goalgetter of the 21st Century

    1. Didier Yves Drogba 100 2. Miroslav Klose 90 3. Rutgerus Van Nistelrooij 87 4. Thierry Henry 85 5. Samuel Eto'o 84 6. Lionel Andrés Messi 84 7. David Villa 80 8. Raúl González Blanco 78 9. Cristiano Ronaldo 76 10. Flávio da Silva 75 11. Andriy Shevshenko 74 12. Dimitar Berbatov 72...
  13. Usul

    Whale Wars

    Just finishing season 2 of this. Throw a bunch of volunteers into a boat led by idiots trying to stop Japanese whalers in the Antarctic and you've got yourself a proper show with great lol potential. I feel so bad for some of the good, honest ones that go on board though, once they realize...
  14. Usul

    The Pillars of the Earth

    Anyone watch it? If you've read the book you'll love this. Feels a bit rushed at times, but great adaptation nonetheless.
  15. Usul

    Eric Cantona: "Catalonia would win the World Cup"

    Apparently, Eric Cantona said this week that if Catalonia had it’s own national team, it would win the World Cup. I haven't read the article myself but some websites are running polls on this. Let's see what PESG thinks. Admittedly, Spain's got more firepower, but I'd add Bojan to the...
  16. Usul


    Does anyone follow this? I just wanted to say that season 3 is so fucking weak. It's the guy from Home Movies btw. The one that does the voice for the coach.
  17. Usul

    Spartacus - Vengeance

    Just watched the first three episodes. I like the new guy, but it's never gonna be the same without Whitfield. He was more intense, not to mention the fact that you felt for him having suffered so much. I lost this connection due to there being a new actor playing the role. I was also annoyed...
  18. Usul

    Jose Mourinho: Now, Officially, a Certified BOSS

    eEMR2lMirMM All together now, to the tune of La Donna E Mobile: Jose Mourinho, hijo de puta Jose Mourinhooo, hijo de putaaa Jose Mourinhoo, hijo de putaa Jose Mourinhooo, hijo de putaaa :lol: I wish he'd fuck off already. What a disgusting little shit. EDIT: Joel changed the title of the...
  19. Usul

    Spartacus: Blood and Sand

    I can't say i'm surprised that this has no thread, as the dialogue is average, most of the time, but i think it's well worth watching. It's by far the bloodiest and most obscene series of it's genre i have ever seen. There are some pleasantly realistic and shocking scenes in this. Nudity...
  20. Usul

    CoD: MW2 is Banned in Syria...

    I went down to buy it and they told me it's banned in Syria. The cunt i usually buy the games from, wouldn't even tell me why. What a cowardly moron. Some other guy told me it's because there are maps in Syria in the game, but there must be other reasons for this. Anyone care to tell me what...