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  1. Thori


    so. how are you guys doing on this beautiful day?
  2. Thori

    Johan Cruyff dead at 68, rip

    Cruyff died on 24 March 2016, after a long battle of cancer, surrounded by his family Sources;
  3. Thori

    Will Leicester win the title?

    we should be able to vote for aston villa in this poll
  4. Thori

    Hello everyone!

    a late welcome to you
  5. Thori

    [Faces] Faces by ronystan

    thanks again old friend.
  6. Thori

    [Faces] Faces by ronystan

    ok, Marcus Rashford (man U) thanks.
  7. Thori

    [Faces] Faces by ronystan

    hello old friend, do you mind if i make one suggestion?
  8. Thori

    Manchester United

  9. Thori

    Manchester United

    i laughed so hard at LVG, what was he trying to do?
  10. Thori

    PES 2017 Wishlist

    wow someones in a hurry
  11. Thori


  12. Thori


  13. Thori

    The 'Off Topic' football thread

    jose to manu is happening apparently, smh....
  14. Thori

    Real Madrid

    great first game for zidane
  15. Thori

    Hello PES!

    welcome. hope you enjoy your time here, if you have any questions be sure to ask away... and if you have any problems, there are allot of good moderators and admins here to help.
  16. Thori


    so who do you guys fancy as a new manager?
  17. Thori

    Help! downloading kits and logos

    welcome, you can go to the pes 2016 editing and options files to find what you're looking for
  18. Thori


    i was expecting he'd fall...
  19. Thori

    Serie A & B Faces

    im sure you can make a request to one of the many face builders on this site.