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    Football Manager 2009 [PC/Mac]

    I just picked up a copy of FM2009 from EB Games and because they aren't turning the activation on until the 14th of Nov (England or America time i dunno).. The official release date here was the 13th of november.. so basically i can't play it for 2 days... not happy at all..
  2. -=[101st]=-

    What position will you play in Become a Legend?

    Thinking either an AMF or maybe CMF depending... I dont think CF would be that fun sitting on the offside line etc, and winger would be so limited compared to other positions..
  3. -=[101st]=-

    Spore [PC/Wii/Mac]

    release date is Sept 4 in Australia... Cannot wait for this game... it'll be sensational. Maxis and EA usually make quality games, and then looks nothing awesome!
  4. -=[101st]=-

    Diablo III [PC/Mac/PS4/PS3/360]

    This will be the greatest game ever made at the time it hits the shelves imo... It'll take a World of Warcraft like grip over the gaming community, unless blizzard do something stupid like realise it around the time they do starcraft 2.
  5. -=[101st]=-


    That was the best All Blacks Performance in years. We would have beaten anyone playing the way we played tonight. I'm looking forward to the Brisbane game, it'll be a great game. Also, i wonder if the Wallabies can travel under Deans. They have only won 1 of their last 23 games against the...
  6. -=[101st]=-


    Maybe.. he's kinda middle of the road.. he's really balanced.. but he either needs to bulk up.. or get faster... And i dont know if he's agressive enough to be a forward... dunno time will tell.. but he's definately not going to walk into an AB jumper.. and besides.. if he went for the $$...
  7. -=[101st]=-


    He's not fast enough to be a 13... He cant tackle without shoulder charging.. he'll have to learn how to do that before he even thinks about being an all black
  8. -=[101st]=-

    The Colbert Report

    I find him incredibly funny sometimes, othertimes I wish to hit in the face with a shovel.
  9. -=[101st]=-

    GTA IV Official Thread - not that it needs one now there is an entire section

    Yea im really really hoping for split screen, surely it would be a given for a game of GTA's quality.
  10. -=[101st]=-

    Fame At Last (Well Sort Of)

    I'd be suprised if you didnt void all royalty rights by uploading anything to youtube
  11. -=[101st]=-

    (long) Ethernet cables.

    Wired is always > Wireless. If you can run a cable without too much drama I'd recommend it. In terms of Speed + Stability + Reliability + fuckers leeching/trying to hack into your wireless net.
  12. -=[101st]=-

    Electronic Problem Thread

    Awesome, thanks guys.
  13. -=[101st]=-

    Electronic Problem Thread

    Yea, i haven't got it yet, i only just ordered it. So i'm just wondering if anyone have a similar camera. Chances are i'll take them at max, or atleast close to it, and reduce them with something like irfanview/photoshop later on.
  14. -=[101st]=-

    Electronic Problem Thread

    Just purchased a Sony DSC W35. Just wondering how big a 7.2MP photo is? I've never really used a digital camera enough to even think about it, I'm wondering how many photos i can expect to take with the 2 Gig Mem Stick i got with it.
  15. -=[101st]=-

    Football Manager 2008 [PC/Mac]

    Thanks, i'll check Zigic out. Forgot to add, someone who can play well as a lone striker too. I've had some luck against the likes of Real Madrid (put 4 past them in the League) stacking the midfield playing a counter attacking 4 - 5 -1 with Messi and Ronaldinho making runs from deep to...
  16. -=[101st]=-

    Football Manager 2008 [PC/Mac]

    I've started a game with Barca only recently after realising my addiction to the FM series again. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good target man? Looking for the Luca Toni of FM 2007. Eto'o and Henry have been gods in my first season with 77 goals between them after April 2008...
  17. -=[101st]=-

    Computer Randomly Restarting

    Is it turning itself off completely? or is just restarting the computer? If it's just restarting the computer check your bios and see how hot your CPU is running at (usually in the hardware monitor menu) and check to see if you have a safeguard enabled to restart your comp when it gets to a...
  18. -=[101st]=-

    PC Graphics Cards

    the 8600 cards are pretty average, if you can afford a 8800gt then definately get that, if not the 8600 arent bad for the price. However i'd wait a little longer and put together a money for a 8800gt if you're serious about wanting to play the latest games.
  19. -=[101st]=-

    Resolution Problem

    Is it just me or is the max res on the PC Version 1024 x 768? Any way to make it 1680 x 1050?
  20. -=[101st]=-

    Football/Goal Video Clips & Requests Thread

    Anyone have Michael Owen's Goal from the Euro Qualifier? I heard it was rather impressive.