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  1. -=[101st]=-

    Civilization IV So what do you guys think of this game, i'm thinking of spending my hard earned wages on it, but i want opinions..
  2. -=[101st]=-

    Ashley Cole long shot...

    this is my first upload to the PESInsight goal gallery.. here is an Ashley Cole corker.. off his wrong foot.. it is a rather big file.. i couldn't compress it and make it look good.. can anyoner give me some pointers.. i used fraps to capture it...
  3. -=[101st]=-

    The World of Warcraft Thread

    Just played a bit of the Open Beta.. all i can say is WOW (no pun intented) anyone else playing it.. if so what class/level/race are you? i have a lvl 3 Human Rogue.. pretty cool so far.. liking the idea of this throwing knife thing.. anyone planning on getting the porper game when it...
  4. -=[101st]=-

    Development Curves

    is there a way of editing development curves?? mainly out of curiousity.. it is an option file thing or a patch thing?? i am guessing patch.. if so.. does any1 know how to do it? anfd if they do.. would u give us an insight please?
  5. -=[101st]=-

    Pro Evo Amongst the Awards

    Our beloved game is amongst the UK Gaming awards.. click here Notice a lack of FIFA? in well.. everything??
  6. -=[101st]=-

    Charlie Daniels: The Official Thread

    After being inspired by all the fucking brilliant official this, and offical that person threads that seem to be popping up more often than toast at breakfast in Rik Wallers house... Charlie Daniels! I'm sure you've all heard of him I mean.. What else do you need? Look at his stats!! Check...
  7. -=[101st]=-

    The Butterfly Effect...

    Has anyone seen this movie?? it is a major trip out.. what did u guys think about it?? i though it was a top notch movie... but in some area's it became a little too unbelievable..
  8. -=[101st]=-

    Football Pictures

    Does anyone know any good sites that have archives of football pictures?? because i am trying to make a collection so that i can use that collection for my screen saver.. can anyone help me?
  9. -=[101st]=-

    WE8 Info Collated

    because now some of the thread sizes have been blown out.. could a few people post in here the overall opinion of WE8 and the Pros and Cons.. because there are like 300 posts to do with WE8 and some people just don't have the time to go through that many.. so people that have been active in...
  10. -=[101st]=-

    Bandwith questions...

    okay... this is not a bitch thread so please do not bitch in it... i noticed that the site had exceeded its bandwith limit... this annoyed me a little.. until i realised that it all costs money... but that got me thinking... how much bandwith allowance does this site have?? and... how much...
  11. -=[101st]=-

    Preordering PES4 and WE8

    how many of you will be doing this?? i know i will be.. at the moment i am not 100% sure which one i will be getting but i am leaning towards PES4.. purely coz i will have to import WE8, XBOX, or PS2 is does not matter... just vote which game..
  12. -=[101st]=-

    The Betting Place

    i think that there should be a thread in here.. that you can suggest sporting events to bet on.. coz i have a few suggestions...
  13. -=[101st]=-

    Best PS2 Option File

    I am after an option file for PES3 on the PS2 that contains: -Real kits, team names and flags -Proper Advertising etc around the stadium -Latest Tranfers can anyone help me.. this might be a repeat thread but i dont really want to look through acres and acres of crap to find what i want...
  14. -=[101st]=-

    Gif's in sigs...

    can we make some sort of rule about the size and quantity of gif's in signatures?? it is getting absolutely Ridiculous people on dial up spend more time loading the bllody thread than typing their post... can we do something?? like only having 1 that is no bigger than 400k and even that is a lot...
  15. -=[101st]=-

    Ronaldo's Hat-Trick!

    Did anyone see Ronaldo's Hat-Trick of penalties?? how lazy is he?? did he not want to run.. and just decided to get his team mates to get brought down in the box?? okay... abit harsh.. but what is the record number of penalties scored in one match by one player?? that would have to go close...
  16. -=[101st]=-

    The reason Real Madrid did not sign Ronaldinho...

    I found this quote in a sports magazine we have here in Aus... the magazine is Inside Sport if anyone cares... anyway.. the quote is from a colleague of Madrid's President Florentino Perez "How ugly is Ronaldinho? There was no point buying him; it wasn't worth it. he's so ugly that he'd sink...
  17. -=[101st]=-

    There's Something About Miriam

    ROFL.. has anyone seen this?? i just saw it advertised.. it is so wrong... basically Miriam.. is a chick with a dick... we know this.. but the contestants don't... :D they think it is like the bachelorette ... has anyone seen it?? i have only seen the ads.. but it is so wrong... i can't believe...
  18. -=[101st]=-

    When will it end???

    When will the Chelsea shopping spree end??? now have meant to be interested in carlos.. how big is their squad?? when will they start to sell players??? who should they sell??
  19. -=[101st]=-

    Poor Form...

    Do u guys find that players who have good stats do not play to their stats??? and some players play above?? I find that Pele and De Stefano play poorly for their stats... and Forlan, Shearer and Maradona (big call i know, coz he has awesome stats.. but he is the best striker in PES3 but is...
  20. -=[101st]=-

    Man Utd V Chelsea

    Who will win?? I am picking Man Utd by 2 goals to 1