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  1. Thori

    Johan Cruyff dead at 68, rip

    Cruyff died on 24 March 2016, after a long battle of cancer, surrounded by his family Sources;
  2. Thori

    Where will de gea go?

    lots of talk of de gea going to real were do you think hell end up at?, or will he end up staying
  3. Thori

    [STATS] by thori (pes 2013) requests taken!

    Stats done: Jonathan Joubert (page 1 post 7) Kris Boyd (page 1 post 11) Brad McKay (page 1 post 12) Krisztián Németh (page 1 post 13)
  4. Thori

    Where Should Pep Coach Next?

  5. Thori

    footballers that could do other sports

    football players that would/could be good at another sport Peter Crouch - Basketball Segio Busquets - Diving Theo Walcott - Marathon/Sprinting/Running (could problably compete in the olympics) Rory Delap - Spear Throwing (or whatever its called)
  6. Thori

    Actors/Actresess you would like to see in Expendables 3

    me personally i would like to see liam neeson and barry pepper
  7. Thori

    5 players who you think are going to be sold during the janury 2013 transfer window

    for me it is: Wesley Sneijder Brad Friedel Paul Robinson Falcao Joao Moutinho
  8. Thori

    [LEAGUE] Uzbek League Season 2013

    Index: Bunyodkor Dinamo FK Bukhoro FK Guliston Lokomotiv Tashkent Metallurg Bekabad Nasaf Qarshi Navbahor Namangan Neftchi Farg'ona Olmaliq FK Pakhtakor Qizilqum Zarafshon Sho'rtan Ghuzor Sogdiana Jizzakh green coloured teams were promoted from the...
  9. Thori

    whos going to win the Premier League this season?

    i know the 12/13 season hasnt ended, but im going to ask anyways... NOTE: before you comment please notice that i just picked the top 5 teams that are currently in the top 5
  10. Thori

    Nhl 13

    $39.99 on amazon
  11. Thori

    Recommend me a good PC?

    hi guys, as the title says above, im getting a new pc. and i wonder if any of more of expirienced pc guys could recomned me a good pc? thanks, and the price is not a problem
  12. Thori

    [FACES] By Thori (requests are welcome)

    ok... i decided to open up a new faces thread for a while... i just had to.. i missed this so much. and yes i do take requsts/suggestions! Faces ive done: Dale Carrick
  13. Thori

    [LEAGE] Turkish Süper Lig 2012/13 Season

    any help would be appreciated!! *green coloured teams were promoted from The TFF First League
  14. Thori

    PES 2013 or FIFA 13?

    so guys, are you going to buy pes or fifa this year??
  15. Thori

    the rest of all leagues confimed transfers 2012-13

    since pats did only in-game transfers.. this thread is for transfers from all the other leagues! ... and remember to post a link that confirmes it!!
  16. Thori


    one of my favorite TV shows that are on-going right now.. i highly recomend it if your into the CSI shows and other shows like that...
  17. Thori

    what is the highest highscore in a game you've ever got?

    what is the highest highscore in any game you've ever got? well... mine is what i can think of now... is about 1.000.000 in LBP :/
  18. Thori

    The best all time XI

    just post below who is in your XI... My choise: GK P. Schmeichel SW Beckenbauer (C) CB F. Cannavaro RB P. Maldini LB Cafu DMF Pirlo RMF Ronaldinho LMF Beckham AMF Zidane SS Di Stefano CF Puskás Subs: Pele, Shilton, B. charlton, Eusébio...
  19. Thori


    Click HERE to view videos of them Mythbusters discussion thread... first topic:... do you guys watch it??, if so what do you think of it??
  20. Thori

    [KITS] Requests taken... by Thori

    [FANTASY KITS] Requests taken... by Thori Fantasy Kits ive done: