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  1. Jonny2J

    Grenade' Explodes During Sepahan vs. Al-Ahi Soccer Match In Iran rPVLJzeZ9i8 :no:
  2. Jonny2J

    Building A Media Centre/Server

    Really wanted to do this for quite some time, as in rip all of my dvds etc and just have them stored portably so I have access to them all at any time. Any idea where to start? :lol:
  3. Jonny2J

    Sky One's Dream Team

    Howay then, who else used to watch this? Must admit, I used to absolutely love it like, despite the fact the storylines somehow seemed to get more and more ridiculous as the seasons went on. Was essential Sunday night viewing in my household. HlZkbf9UEKs Class video. :crymore:
  4. Jonny2J

    Gary Speed dies aged 42 I'm absolutely gutted by this.
  5. Jonny2J

    Antonio Cassano - Reports claiming he's suffered a stroke
  6. Jonny2J

    Dejan Savicevic and the Definition of Genius

    I know there's a few on here like myself, who used to love watching Savicevic play, one of the most underrated players of his generation IMO. Just been reading a canny article on him, so thought I would post it. This still...
  7. Jonny2J

    The Pre-Season Thread

    I thought I'd create this so we can talk about any pre-season friendlies, that are either forthcoming for your team, or any results that may have happened. I've got myself tickets to go to Darlington away on Friday, and Leeds away at the end of the month. We've also got a short tour of the...
  8. Jonny2J

    The Blizzard

    Does anybody else on here subscribe to this? If not, I'd really recommend you do. If you're looking for a football fanzine out there, with brilliant, yet unbiased writing, then you really can't beat this.
  9. Jonny2J

    Your club - a season review

    Overall reflections In typical Newcastle fashion, this season has been another rollercoaster of emotions. We've picked up some fantastic results along the way, especially when taking into account the state of our squad post-January. The fact we've avoided relegation has to be regarded as a...
  10. Jonny2J

    The Electronica Thread

    I wasn't sure if there was a thread on this, and if there isn't I thought one was needed whereby we could discuss all things electronica. Or people could generally give people the heads up on any decent new releases etc. I'm currently listening to a bit of this - Which inspired the...
  11. Jonny2J

    Harry Redknapp Is English Football’s Wrecking Ball Canny.
  12. Jonny2J

    Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos

    Only £2.95 at Zavvi. I'd recommend anyone to pick this up, one of the best football documentaries out there.
  13. Jonny2J

    Happy Birthday

    To Kevin Keegan. My true Valentine. :wub: s_5GNLQnqOs gqz30DDnM4g
  14. Jonny2J

    Acer Revo Dual Core System

    Anyone know where I can pick one of these up for around the £200 mark? I'm looking to use one of these for my media centre.
  15. Jonny2J

    Using PS3 As A Media Centre

    Never done this before at all. But was wondering if anyone knew the best way to go about it? What they would recommend as the best network drive? Best program to use for the media centre?
  16. Jonny2J

    Keegan wins £2m Newcastle damages
  17. Jonny2J

    Birmingham Fans Apparently Fracture Stoke Fans Skull Nath have you heard anything about this? Rather shocking either way.
  18. Jonny2J

    The top ten teams of the past 25 years 5: Liverpool 1987-90 The football that Liverpool played in 1987-88, with John Barnes a mesmerising presence on the left wing, was simply irresistible. They would surely have been higher up this list had the ban on English...
  19. Jonny2J

    The NPower Championship Thread

    Coca-Cola Championship Thread For some reason I can't find the old thread but if it is still there please just merge this. Not looking forward to our game this afternoon or this season as a matter of fact. Players going out, none coming in, an owner who doesn't want to be there but can't...