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    PES 2013 Demo 2: Feedback, Impressions, Discussions etc.

    With the demo around the corner (Xbox Tuesday 28th & PS3 Wednesday 29th & PC sometime in September), I though I'd create this official thread for upcoming news, impressions etc. just like last time instead of clogging up other threads. (Note to admin: You can lock the Demo 1 feedback thread)...
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    PES 2013 Demo 1: Feedback, Impressions, Discussions etc.

    Well the demos tomorrow so the thread had to be created and for one, I cannot wait to play after a release of videos showcasing the different aspects of the game, including a video released today - G0ykGjDgmj4 Roll on Wednesday!
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    PES 2013 E3 Trailer Not bad, considering there is more to come :excited:
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    Accumulated fatigue (League)

    I'm deciding if I should put on accumulated fatigue or not because I made a league on an offline community with fatigue ON and every player was tired in every match. Sorry if this has been discussed before so can anyone please tell me which one is the best option Thanks in advance :)
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    Master league recommended players

    I just thought it'd be good to have a forum to mention young players with potential and are cheap to buy
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    Tactics and formations

    Does anyone have any good formations and tactics with the ml default squad as i can't score and let in cheap goals I use long ball 16 16 12 8 14 8 8 4 i use 4-3-3 with schwarz and ordaz in strike and palmieri and baumann at the back but i still play rubbish
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    Which Team???

    I was just wondering which is the best young team to play with in ml. Everton or Malaga are good examples as they have young promising players. Please don't say good sides but say young sides that have a few talented youth players or anyone that has potential.
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    I was just wondering what difficulty to guys think is MORE realistic and less scripted where teams actually play like their real-life counterpart instead of barca
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    just wondering, wihch difficulty is the best and most realistic to play with as i still haven't made up my mind yet
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    Latest player ratings

    Here are the recent player ratings of pes 2012 Sneijder - 87 D. Milito - 84 Pandev - 80 Javier Zanetti - 86 P. Coutinho - 75 Maicon -91 Samuel - 89 Lucio - 91 Chivu - 78 (As left back) Julio Cesar - 93 Wilshere - 84 Lampard - 83 Here are the websites for team and player ratings -...
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    PES commentators

    Look, on wikipedia it says guy mowbray who will replace Jon Champion. This is great news however things on wikipedia might be lying but if it is, i am so happy!!!!! It is sad though to see someone who has been on pes for a long time being replaced. It even says Copa Bridgetone Sudamericana is...
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    Player ratings

    I just want people to list which players from 2011 need to improve or become worse for example, wilshere was only 66! he definitely needs to improve and giving him 93 technique is a bit daft. ibrahimovic and lennon need to go down - i mean giving lennon 96 agility! his aglity is the same as...
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    Master League Flops

    It might be a bit too late for this, but I just want people to name flops so ml starters can be beware of who not to buy So list players that - Players that decrease under 25 - Players that stay the same under 25 - Players that have very low peaks, like players that peak around 25 -...
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    Player improvement

    Does your growth curve depend on your match pefomances (good peformances and your stats increase, poor peformances mean stats decrease). Or does it just follow a growth curve from your training and has no meaning to match peformances whasoever
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    Option file

    I know you think this isnt relevant, to master league however i want a master league with more teams and licences so master league will be better. Do any of you guys know any option files that have the epl fully licensed and the championship there or some other lower league teams (e.g. segunda...
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    Difficulty Level

    Hi guys and gyals. I just wanna know what difficulty level you play on and which one is the most realistic. Also please include how long you play for each match. I play 10 mins on professional with Crystal Palca on the championship and i am second surprisingly:ninja: