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  1. Billy Minof

    Dirty Money?

    Question for ye all, was just sitting here thinking about the new Uefa ruling and about clubs spending according to there profit/loss, I was reading a story on teamtalk about PSG agreeing a deal with the Qatar Tourism Authority for something like 200m over about 4 years, now is this money coming...
  2. Billy Minof


    Anyone got this game yet? I got it for the child for xmas but there was a problem with it, have it sorted now and she has been playing it today, I got it for the wii and its a really good game with some great features. There are 30 characters to collect all of which have different...
  3. Billy Minof

    Greatest Dives and Divers

    Here is my favourite..... Can you beat it??? -5rspuum4kY
  4. Billy Minof

    Pele: Full of his own crap

    I really do hate this man, was he a great player, probably, would he cut the mustard in todays fast paced game with decent defenders and goalkeepers to contend with, question marks for me but the man cannot keep his mouth shut and some of comments drive me mad, he says Neymar is the next best...
  5. Billy Minof

    Los Clasicos 2011

    4 Classicos in 18 days, should be mouthwatering stuff. So the first is in the League this Saturday at 21:00 GMT followed by the Copa Del Rey final on Wed night then both the Champions league can you all see them going?
  6. Billy Minof

    The Event

    Anyone been following the first 3 of these? Its supposed to be good from what I hear and I just got the first 3 episodes which I will watch tonight. Here is the link on NBC.
  7. Billy Minof

    Miss of the Century.

    LA Galaxy remain top of their division thanks to this man. IQNbjnclkss
  8. Billy Minof

    Champions League Last 16 Draw

    Draw being made now. Stuggart Vs Barcelona Olympiacos Vs Bordeaux Inter Vs Chelsea B. Munich Vs Fiorentina CSKA Moscow Vs Seville Lyon Vs Real Madrid FC Porto Vs Arsenal AC Milan Vs Man Utd Some good games there. :)
  9. Billy Minof

    Thundercats Movie Trailer.

    Looks good and a blockbuster cast to boot but can it match my hopes for this once great cartoon. lOrcRSNsnew
  10. Billy Minof

    GDB editing PES 2009

    Hi lads, I was wondering if someone could help me out with a couple of things. Anyone who knows how to properly setup a GBD folder with BOOTS AND FACES could you please let me know how to do it here please? Thanks in advance, Billy.
  11. Billy Minof

    Survival Sunday

    So, There are a couple of teams that can get relegated today. Sunderland Newcastle Hull Middlesbrough Who do you think will go down and who do you think will survive and why?
  12. Billy Minof

    Serie A clubs poised for breakaway

  13. Billy Minof

    Reds suspend Itandje

    What do you think?
  14. Billy Minof

    Blatter welcomes 6+5 findings

    Discuss. Personnally I am in favour of it.
  15. Billy Minof

    El Clásico: Barca Vs Madrid 13/12/08

    Who do you think will win this, the first of the 2 El Classico's. Barca are at home for this one for those who do not know this...Its on this Saturday night 21:00 GMT on Sky Sports for us in the UK, for the rest of the world I dont know what Channel. <object width="425" height="344"><param...
  16. Billy Minof

    City fail with Casillas bid

  17. Billy Minof

    Huntelaar heading to Real

    Done deal, also on the official website. Happy Days. Here is the official website link: And a little something to make me smile. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  18. Billy Minof

    Domestic League or Champions League?

    Right lads, I had a debate a few nights ago with my mates about which trouphy was more important to win, the clubs domestic League title or the Champions League. There was myself, a Liverpool fan and Man United fan and the debate got very heated after a while between the Man United fan and...
  19. Billy Minof

    Benzema: Madrid or Barca

    Taken from SS. Who do you think he will join and who will he prove to be the better buy for?
  20. Billy Minof

    C. Ronaldo...Is he is the fastest Gun Slinger in the West.

    Taken from a post I made in the Chelsea Thread. He really tries to look hard :laugh: He is like someone from the wild wild west preparing for a good old fashion dual. This is who he is facing... What happened next..... 10 Paces.... Draw...