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  1. codename 47

    Tevez to Man utd?

    Thats what they were reporting on Skysports news and in some of todays papers. Supposedly for a fee of around £20million which isn't too expensive. I'm disappointed as Tevez said last week that he wanted to come to Madrid.
  2. codename 47

    Cannavaro to win golden ball

    Thats according to as and marca, i was looking on their site when the main story read that they've been told that cannavaro will win the award this has been translated from google so the english is a bit messed up Good to see the award go to a defender for once
  3. codename 47

    Tevez and mascherano to west ham?

    I've just looked on BBC sport teletext and saw the story that west ham have signed the two on loan. Its got quotes from tevez admiting that they've accepted a contract from west ham for a seasons loan :ohmy: Has anyone else heard this story? If this is true i'm suprised the likes of Man...
  4. codename 47

    Carrick to Madrid?

    This should probably filed under crap like the rest of the recent speculation linking players with mdrid but presidential candidate(:rolleyes: ) Lorenzo sanz is claiming that he has a deal done for Michael carrick to join madrid. Even as Madrid fan i'm starting to get bored with all these...
  5. codename 47

    Who'll be the top Goalscorer?

    In the world cup obviously. I've picked the top choices from a world cup ladbrokes coupon i've found lying around :tongue: He may not be my favourite player but i'm going for Fat Ron to top Goalscorer- He's 9/1 favourite with Ladbrokes I was thinking of going for Henry mainly because...
  6. codename 47

    Curbs to leave Charlton

    Alot of people suspected that whether he got the England job or not he would leave Charlton anyway, i guess its the timing of the announcement thats suprising. I wonder what his odds for the England job will be after this announcement...
  7. codename 47

    Hoeness:Ballack Is Moving For The Money A player going to chelsea for the money :tongue: Seriously though i'm guessing there could be a ounce of sour grapes because they're going to lose Ballack after trying so hard to convince him to stay As a ballack fan i'm sad to see...
  8. codename 47

    No Wembley action till 2007

    Looks like there's yet another delay as Mulitiplex said they hoped to have the work done by June(think this is a delayed date from their orignial estimate) and with some pop concerts re-located yesterday, the FA are set to release a statement regarding Wembleys development at 11:00 this morning...
  9. codename 47

    Cesc fabregas-Worthy of the hype?

    just wondering what people views are on cesc fabregas. At the moment he's recieving alot of praise from fans and the press but wasn't it long ago when everyone was saying wenger was wrong to sell vieria and fabregas wasn't good enough to take his place? Now i hear Paul merson thinks that...
  10. codename 47

    Fifa Crackdown on Racism Blatters making all the right noises but i'm interested to see if they'll actually impose this punishment they are talking about rather than it just being a stern warning to clubs It would also be interesting to see if a "big" club is...
  11. codename 47

    Barca claim Henry deal

    I actual heard this rumour from the spanish media and it turns out the english media are reporting it as well. If its true and barca could get him for £10million or less :mellow:'claim+Henry+deal'
  12. codename 47

    Rio Slams UEFA over Racism

    And in my opinion he's right in what he says,and personally i'm glad he's come out and said what alot of people are thinking Though UEFA motor mouth William Gaillard has answered back though...
  13. codename 47

    Florentino Perez Leaves Madrid! News alot of Madrid fans have been waiting to hear,with perez's departure will it bring back stability to the club? an end to the Galactico policy and no player being untouchable and full power...
  14. codename 47

    Real Madrid vs Arsenal: Who'll go through?

    I've been looking forward to this match for a hell of a long time. I think its got the making of two exciting matches,these two teams never having met before makes it even more interesting I think that madrid wil go through,3-0 win tommorow and at highbury maybe 2-1 arsenal win
  15. codename 47

    Madrid lead the rich list

    Looks like florentino perez's dream of getting the most famous player in football has paid off as real have topped the latest list for teams that have made the greatest income- Man utd are second with AC third,though when next year's is published i anticpate Juve moving higher...
  16. codename 47

    Sven Caught out by the News of the world? Sven's in trouble again as another tabloid newspaper has exposed him,this time he says he wants to leave england if they win the world cup and join Villa he also says some things about some england players, Rio ferdinand was...
  17. codename 47

    Juve and roma deny keane interest

    Well despite what many newspapers i.e. the sun have come up with both juve and roma have said they have no interest in Keane,not sure wher they got the story from though i'm guessing the idea of Juve wanting to pair viera and keane together while leaving emerson on the bench made a good story to...
  18. codename 47

    Who's Been you're best player in previous PES's ?

    Thread title says it all really who's been that stand out player for you in previous PES,from PES 1-4 for me its been PES 1-Zidane PES 2-Henry PES 3-Joaquin PES 4-i'm still undecided who's been the best it might be joaquin again
  19. codename 47

    Fifa Player of the year Nominees

    And somehow someway the footballing king of spain Raul has made the list,not that i'm complaining i'm glad he's nominated just ver very suprised as he hasn't been at he best for the last couple of years Other suprised robinho,drogba and to an extent maybe essien apart from that its the usual...
  20. codename 47

    Official PS2 Mag reviews PES 5

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this(or wheter i should at all)But the official PS2 mag has reviewed PES 5 and they gave it (the usual) 10 out of 10 I dunno why but every year i always worry that the next PES won't turn out as good as the last but thankfully it looks like i've been...