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  1. Estill

    Play-off Venues

    Can anyone tell me where all play off matches will be played in the Coca-Cola leagues and also Conference etc? I ask because I work at Leicester City and have been told that we are having a play-off match there although I thought they would take place at the Millenium Stadium, so I'm thinking...
  2. Estill

    *Your Top 10 Songs in iTunes*

    If you have iTunes or some equivalent which records how many times you listen to songs, post up your Top 10 and if possible the amount of times you've listened to them. :cool: Mine are: 1. Arctic Monkeys - Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor - 156 plays. 2. The Verve - Sonnet - 98 plays...
  3. Estill

    How do I buy my created players?

    Sorry if this has been answered or explained, I searched but to no avail. How do I buy my created players in the Master League? When I search for a player I've created it says that no-one matches the name I type in. Cheers.
  4. Estill

    Something I have always wondered. Right & Left feet.

    I have always been interested to know why the majority of footballers are right-footed. It doesn't seem logical that this majority are naturally born to kick a ball more with their right foot instead of their left. Is this a genetic thing? Is it just a coincidence? What foot do all you prefer?
  5. Estill

    Who will Michael Owen be playing for next season?

    With the rumours spreading of Michael Owen giving Real a '17 game ultimatum', who will England's number 10 be displaying his skills for next season?
  6. Estill

    Chelsea Scoop Awards

    Taken from Yahoo Sport. Looks like the times are changing :( Can't really argue the awarding of the gongs though, they're immense.
  7. Estill

    Pro Evo 4 Stars --- First Names

    Just a couple I picked up on.... Alexander Baumjohann Jefferson Farfan Anthony vanden Borre Vincent Kompany Others?
  8. Estill

    **Songs from the Terrace - Your Teams Best Chants!**

    My favourites.... "Take me home, United road, to the place, I belong! To Old Trafford, To see United, Take me home, United road!!! (To the tune of Country Road) "Oooh aaah, oooh aaah, oooh aaah, CAAANNNTTOOOONNNAAA, Oooh Aaah CANTONA!" still makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck....
  9. Estill

    The Whole World to choose from, but I don't know who!

    Master League current status -End of 3rd season/Start of 4th season Negotiation period -147,456 points Current Starting 11 and notable subs GK-Lewis DR-Kaebi DL-R.Perez DC-Vandenborre DC-Kompany ML-Cardozo MR-vanDerVaart DMC-Gerrard MC-Fabregas FC-Farfan FC-Baumjohann Subs...
  10. Estill

    Oasis or Blur

    Going back to their feud for number 1 over a decade ago, who is better? Oasis or Blur. For me, by an absolute country mile, it is easily Oasis. Got everything they've ever done (i think!) and I listen to them everyday without fail. Each to their own though!
  11. Estill

    Marco van Basten, The Great Man Utd striker...

    If you had the choice of one player in football history who you wished had played for your team when they were around, who would it have been? Marco van Basten in my eyes is one of the greatest strikers to have lived, would have been amazing in the troubling first years of Fergusons reign.
  12. Estill

    Free Kick Kings

    Who is your free-kick king? I've gone for Del Piero, love the technique he has, and more often than not you hit the back of the net if your OK at free-kicks. :cool:
  13. Estill

    My Signature

    Hi, just checking whether my signature is ok. Ive heard that some peoples are "too big" and I was just wondering whether mine was, it looks a bit big to me. Is it alright? And what are the sizes allowed for future reference. Cheers.
  14. Estill

    Mark Halsey's performance. Manchester United vs. Aston Villa

    Hi there I am just wondering what other people thought of Mark Halsey's performance this afternoon. I was at the game and he just looked as if he wanted to slow the game down, stop it, cause controversy and upset the players. Several times he failed to control players from both teams, such...
  15. Estill

    Pique's Hairstyle.

    How do. I've got Pro 4 on PS2 and as an avid United fan I went to see them play (very badly) against Exeter. Gerard Pique made a rare start, and i noticed the young spaniard had a really different hair do to the one on Pro. I'm trying to replicate it but I can't, can anybody give me the numbers...
  16. Estill

    I havent got a video, just want to tell you about my goal!

    OK I play on PS2, and I don't have a clue how to get goals from my memory card or camera onto this forum. But yesterday I scored a goal that should give me the determination to get goals on here for you. Scored by De Jong of PSV against my Dad who was Man United, I whipped in a van Bommel...
  17. Estill

    Flop United

    OK, so everyone has specified their dream team, their favourite players etc, but now what about the biggest flops. Put your team of 11 players of which you have either bought in ML thinking theyre good but they really aren't, or players you have seen in real life to be brilliant but are awful in...
  18. Estill


    Easy now. I'm Estill signed up a while ago, posted a few posts, but I've just seen this forum so I thought I'd do what it told me to and introduce myself! I am an avid Manchester United fan. Born in Manchester but living in Leicestershire so no glory supporter crap or "we support our local...
  19. Estill

    My Effective Corner.

    OK, this is only in the developing stages, but I think I have found another good way for scoring goals on corners. Sorry if this has already been put forward. Right, if its a corner on the right, have a right footed player to do an outswinger, and on the left, have a left footed player. 1...
  20. Estill

    This Guy Is A God!

    Hi there im in season 5 year 2009, and after seasons of silly little goals from this annoyin guy "Baumjohann" for Schalke, i check his stats, hes awesome, check his age, hes young, sign him up. His expected level on the graph thing is in the red! bearing in mind this is a few years on have i...