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  1. Darth Daft

    Manchester United

    Fergie Out. It begins here, well not here, but now. Wait n see.
  2. Darth Daft

    Champions League 2006/07 draw

    brilliant, i get to pillage in lisbon for another year. :w00t
  3. Darth Daft

    Manchester United

    Everyone is the enemy, the FA, other clubs, the press, even our own owners and manager and fans who shell out for merchandise thus paying off glazers debt for him. Fuck everyone! :D
  4. Darth Daft

    Gary Neville

    its not neville its vidic. Get with the times Nemanja Vidic eats steel and farts sparks Nemanja Vidic is allowed to discuss nominations and so on :ninja:
  5. Darth Daft

    The best football chant you've ever heard?

    I am an FC Fan I am Mancunian I know what i want and i know how to get it I wanna destroy, Glazer & Sky Coz i, wanna be, an FC its good to be back, wow, new smileys! :w00t
  6. Darth Daft

    Cristiano Ronaldo Arrested Over London Rape

    yes but sadly, youre still a prick.
  7. Darth Daft

    C.Ronaldo Father Died :(

    that and the 60 replies this thread has got makes it relevant on this forum children. Get a life.
  8. Darth Daft

    Manchester United

    the only thing im not 100% on is this, just a bad feeling that the inability to finish off teams is still lurking , sometimes i think ronaldo can be a one man plan b but that wont work all season. but agree with everything else you say man. :cool:
  9. Darth Daft

    Manchester United

    what a load of tripe. G Neville is one of the best right backs in europe if not the world. His movement, crossing and tackling are tremendous. OK hes not the best at shooting or heading but he's a right back. Just because this guy plays for Brazil people seem to think he should...
  10. Darth Daft

    Matt Le Tissier - "Le God" Appreciation Thread

    simply, because he wasnt good enough. But then again, England have been pretty shite since 1990 so maybe that isnt fair. you have to wonder why no team bigger than southampton came in for him with a proper bid if he was that good. He was a top player though.
  11. Darth Daft

    Matt Le Tissier - "Le God" Appreciation Thread

    ok fair enough, he was a bit meaty ill admit. not quite le tiss standards but getting there. Make me laugh all these players that get called fatty , Ronaldo, Rooney, Le Tissier, Lampard etc Doesnt exactly hinder them does it. And they aint even fat. Bet theres plenty on here who'd love to...
  12. Darth Daft

    Matt Le Tissier - "Le God" Appreciation Thread

    hey! he didnt get fat until he quit. Then he became quite the 'thespian' :)
  13. Darth Daft

    FIFPro Announce Young Player Nominees

    tbh its a bit of a joke with some of the names in there. But from who ive seen, its got to be rooney. Uniteds hope for this season and only 19 :cool:
  14. Darth Daft

    Matt Le Tissier - "Le God" Appreciation Thread

    maybe if he'd trained instead of eating all those pies he'd have got some england caps. :D He wasnt a bad player, but just because he scored some excellent goals from way out and stayed loyal to one club because no f*cker actually tried to buy him doesnt make him a legend.
  15. Darth Daft

    Matt Le Tissier - "Le God" Appreciation Thread

    sorry, i thought you were talking about 'le god' not some fat git with a good shot on him from jersey.
  16. Darth Daft


    oh massively so :rolleyes: gutted more cash shelled out for an unproven player likely to become a sub/steal the place of a better player you already have.
  17. Darth Daft

    Whats The Best Save Youve Seen?

    looks like this ones a favourite and i cant argue some saves might look better, like a backwards tumbling save, but sheer stretching ,at full pelt to the side, in mid air to save a powerful shot has to be the hardest save to make.
  18. Darth Daft

    Manchester United

    no new transfers. Except Park and Van der Sar.... :rolleyes: What will we do? True we cant compete with chelsea (who can?) or now it seems most of the big european clubs. But ffs who did we compete with to sign Beckam, Neville, Neville, Scholes, Giggs, Butt et all? That is the true...
  19. Darth Daft

    C.Ronaldo what are you doing!

    this is true, hes not cut out for that sort of thing is our christie. He'd go past a full back once and then thatd be game over permanently. but to be fair, Liam Miller and Barry Ferguson's bubbles didnt last ten minutes in the premiership before they burst :laugh: Miller isnt fit to...
  20. Darth Daft

    Manchester United

    why wont olly start any games ? he could come back a shadow of the player he was and still be the b*llocks. 20LEgend. Yes, Rossi is a striker, like owen but younger, and cheaper. Klebfoot had his chance, hes no good for us. Loan him out to a spanish side i say, and when he has the nuts of...