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  1. Darth Daft

    Juve sign Vieira for 20m euros

    im sad, was looking forward to next seasons Keano rant at him. Good deal for the arse in my opinion. Hes been on the wane for a while now. Who will captain them now? i think selling pires also would be a mistake though, he's still worth another season at least. breaking news
  2. Darth Daft

    Gerrard Signs for the blues!

    arf arf
  3. Darth Daft

    Glazer takeover bid

    Man United - Glazer takeover bid carrying on from a discussion started in another forum, i think it is of sufficient importance to be yapped about here Heh, yeah i read it - wheres the pics? :) He is half right, that Samuel fat guy, Utd are a corporate monster off the pitch, putting...
  4. Darth Daft

    Man U CL game on telly tonight?

    does anyone know if tonights game is on british tv at all? (including sattelite) i cant find it in the paper, surely its on t.v ?
  5. Darth Daft

    New Prodigy Album

    Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. Once you get away from what is the best title for an album ive seen in ages, you get classic Howlett. Best songs IMO "spitfire" "girls" (new single) and the liam gallagher vocaled "shootdown" which is more punky than the normal sample fest found on the...
  6. Darth Daft

    Solskjaer out for entire season?

    Just heard this on Sky Sports News. He had his knee op today and apparently it didnt go as well as it might have. Crapola. Hes one of our most underrated players and last season went off the boil a bit due to injurys. This will probably finish off his Utd career. :(
  7. Darth Daft

    Double Blow for Utd

    aargh and it was all looking so well. Oh well, not a huge blow, Heinze wasnt called up for Argentina's squad and we do have other options on the wing. Just hope Ronaldo doesnt get scythed down by some Overenthuisiastic youngster at the olympics.
  8. Darth Daft

    Cantona - Over-rated or legendary?

    Following from another thread where someone mentioned they thought Cantona was over hyped by Utd fans in general and in particular in being voted best Utd player ever. Personally, for me he's the best ive seen in a Utd shirt and believe that even now, we are still living off the fruits of...
  9. Darth Daft

    The Ruud Interview

    The Full Ruud Interview
  10. Darth Daft

    Charlton in for PSV duo (how?)

    WTF? Has the world gone mad? How could they A) persuade two of Europe’s top stars to come to the Valley and B) how can they afford them? Nothing against Charlton but im baffled by this. Kezman Rommedahl
  11. Darth Daft

    Latest FIFA rankings!

    1. Brazil 2. France 3. Spain 4. Holland 5. Argentina 6. Mexico 7. Turkey 8. United States 9. Germany 10. Czech Republic Others: 12. England 15. Republic of Ireland 63. Scotland 65. Wales 114. Northern Ireland WTF?? Im no England maniac but i refuse to believe that the United...
  12. Darth Daft

    Mistake selling Beckham?

    David Beckham's Real future could be in doubt Real Madrid presidential candidate Enrique Sobrino has said he would try to sell David Beckham to Chelsea if he took control of the Spanish giants. Sobrino said earlier this week he would sell Beckham if he took over. "I know Roman Abramovich...
  13. Darth Daft

    Rookie of the Year Award

    After much hoo-ha over the PFA young player nominations, ive decided to do a rookie of the year award for players of whatever age in their first FULL season in the PL. I think toure played the majority of last season unless im mistaken so im leaving him out :p Feel free to post your own...
  14. Darth Daft

    Stars on shirts/club badges?

    Does anyone know as fact what having stars on shirts/badges of different teams are supposed to represent? Ive got Man Utd stuff with two stars on it which i presume are for our Euro wins and have seen the Madrid badge ringed by stars again presumably for theirs but also have seen teams with a...
  15. Darth Daft

    Star Wars Episode 3 *ULTRA SPOILER*

    Basically the way it all pans out in the big one. Was going to just paste the text straight in but thought that might really pi$$ off some people who have more patience than me. its 95% accurate i assure you.
  16. Darth Daft

    Im no Bolton fan but....

    for a 'smaller' club in the PL they can and do play some damn good football, Okocha? pure class tonight. Wonder if Roman was watching?
  17. Darth Daft

    Breaking the stranglehold

    as i sit watching yet another (highly watchable) league cup tie between a top premier team v Arsenal/Man Utd reserves it occured to me that this would go a long way to explaining the stranglehold these two clubs have begun to exert on the PL (Man U since 94 , Arsenal since 98). No other teams...
  18. Darth Daft

    So near, Saha

    i know thats crap but im tired. Only a matter of time before hes in the red of United now, he's put it all on the line by going public with his views (obviously after getting the "come to us and you'll go far" talk by SAF) and I feel United should stop fannying around, pay Fulham 10m and move...
  19. Darth Daft

    Tea Time Teaser

    Two footballers fail to take a compulsory drugs test Man A - wears a blue shirt Man B - wears a red shirt _____________________________ Man A is fined a small amount of money and no more is said. Man B is pubilcy humiliated, banned from playing for his country and playing football...
  20. Darth Daft

    Alan Smith!

    Ha Ha , "youre facking nicked me old china" a free tour round belland road obviously werent enuff for her "im a twat"