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  1. holyfsm42

    [FACES] holyfsm42 faces

    Hey! I'm Oren, a 14-year-old facemaker from Israel. You may remember me from last year. This year, I barely have time for facemaking. I will, of course, take requests, but do not expect me to make your request immediately. Also, I will spend most of these two months to create my favorite...
  2. holyfsm42

    Undertale (PC/Mac)

    [/I] Undertale is an RPG game for PC and Mac. In Undertale, you play a human child who fell to the underground. You choose your own journey- will you make friends? Pet dogs? Go on dates? Maybe murder with no mercy everyone you meet? It's up to you! There are several ways to finish the game...
  3. holyfsm42

    Top bar disappeared

    All the top bar just disappeared. That means I can't, for example, log in from my phone or view the "Top Posters" with a shortcut. Can somebody fix? Thanks.
  4. holyfsm42


    Help! Before DP3 game worked properly but now the live update won't work. CODE:SGJC486 . Does someone have a clue what to do? Thanks!
  5. holyfsm42

    I have a suggestion for the Editing&Option files forum

    I suggest making request threads alongside asking individual people. One for faces, one for kits etc... In the first post all the requests will be written, as well as who decided to take the request. I think that can help bored editors with no requests to pass time and drastically improve the...
  6. holyfsm42

    I think there needs to be an edit mode app

    I think it can save lots of time for editors. I'm a facemaker and in Wednesday,for example, I spend about 4 hours in the time between going to school and coming back home, without doing a thing. So I think an app of the edit mode, connected to your steam account or whatever, can save lots of...
  7. holyfsm42

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Oren. I'm a 13-year-old from Israel. Joined PESGaming today (registered today;I'm using the threads here since last year) and I'm making faces and I can try making kits too. Check out my thread (Uploaded 7 faces on the first day! I'll try to upload at least one every day)...
  8. holyfsm42

    holyfsm42 faces&kits

    Hello :D , My name is Oren, and I'm a 13-year-old from Israel. Here I will upload my face edits and (rarely) kits. I usually find myself really bored, so I'll be very happy for requests. (If you request a player who isn't IG, I need the stats. Not sending the stats (PES stats or FIFA stats, both...