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  1. sobakus

    Retired players from PES 2019

    Video games always delete players who retire. I don't accept that. Here, I will start a list of players from PES 2019 who didn't make it to PES 2020 as of yet. These will only be players without a face scan, as they are the only ones salvageable. Please write players for me to add to the list...
  2. sobakus

    PS4 All National Teams by Amedeo, Speckopf, Alex Carla, Sergio W

    In case someone didn't get to download. I believe there are some more teams in the PC section. AFC!b7xS1Arb!UJJzErnu8ODOJ5lDEklZNw CAF!KvYVXKoJ!S00PLllpxRtiG5qTwtkYKg CONCACAF!LjwAVQQR!x8HX4F7dUO1iaXyuKpVQqw OFC...
  3. sobakus

    help finding OF please

    I am looking for EditemosPES Superliga V2. I found it on their site, and tried to download it time and time again, but it would always download an incomplete archive. and this particular patch from ThiagoPESeditor: specifically the Brazilian clubs...
  4. sobakus

    Thailand Competitions

    So boom, after data pack 4 we now have a 16-team Thai League 1 and in other Asia there are 5 clubs from Thai League 2. Unfortunately, the league is still not available in league mode. Konami advised using PAS League. But there was no format no logos no nothing, so I did some research and...
  5. sobakus

    Converting pc export to ps4

    Can someone please tell me how to do that? I know several people here have done this, but am not sure how to proceed. Is it even possible without having the pc game? Thanks.
  6. sobakus

    Other DLC stuff

    Apparently, Deportivo Saprissa and Palmeiras' old stadium Palestra Italia will become added to the game :D Probably not in this update, however. I just wish Iknew this earlier, so I didnt spend time aquiring and base copying Saprissa.
  7. sobakus

    Champions League music

    Have you guys seen this? looks cool :D
  8. sobakus

    Pahtakor (Tashkent) export

    I created Pahtakor - constant champion of Uzbek football. Formerly one of the most prominent clubs of the USSR Top League, now most decorated club in Uzbekistan and a frequent participant of the AFC Champions League (two-time semifinalist). This year it went out in the qualifying stage. The...
  9. sobakus

    Primera Argentina last season (literally) OF

    This is a personalized patch I made because i hate when players leave to Europe/Asia. It reverses most of the prominent transfers from the last year and a half or so. This way the squads are still relatively current, but with many key players still in Argentina. This somewhat corrects the...
  10. sobakus

    PES 2018 players without scanned faces

    I made some exact replicas for PES 2019. Did not change anything, their appearance and stats are the same as in 18, just added a year to their age. These are players who were in the 2018 game, but disappeared in 2019. Milovan Mirosevic Paul Robinson Lucian Sanmartean Ivan Alonso Florin Gardos...
  11. sobakus

    Other European clubs

    For those not interested in the German league, I want to start a post assembling a full PEU league consisting of clubs from various European countries. It won't be easy, since all the various clubs have to fill in these slots without interfering with each other and preferably making sense in...
  12. sobakus

    Retaining kits after data pack

    I am suspecting this is not possible, but does anybody know if the kits replaced in the data pack can be somehow left in me game? I really like the Spain away kits that's there now, but the data pack will remove it.
  13. sobakus

    Edit data save question

    Hi all, I have a small question about save files on PS4. Perhaps someone can help me out. I copied my edit data file to a usb. If I share this file with a friend, will they be able to use it in their game? Or is it restricted to my profile and only I can use it? I haven't had a PS4 for very long...
  14. sobakus

    [PS4] Romanian Awesome patch by Kryogh Stumbled upon this yesterday. It has the Romanian Liga 1, classic Romanian club teams (like 86 Steaua), the 94 national team, a bunch of cool stuff.:D
  15. sobakus

    Importing players

    Is there any way to import individual players in PES 2018 on PS4? If not, can I upload a face made by someone else to a created player? I am trying to add Artem Milevskiy to Dinamo Kiev in my game, but since there is no option file for Dinamo Brest (where he currently plays), i don't know how I...