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  1. Zygalski

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 13 Clubs

    That 4-1 match last night was pretty awesome from us.
  2. Zygalski

    FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

    I don't like the 4-2-3-1 formation for this reason. Have you considered changing to a formation which does have side mids? You could use 4-4-2, 4-1-2-1-2, 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1. But you may have to sell your team and buy them back again with the new formations as this is cheaper than applying...
  3. Zygalski

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 13 Clubs

    I can be on tonight. What time? Does anyone think it might be worth starting a new club, starting from the bottom and get that winning feeling again? I've got a different PSN (Zygalski) with a fairly new Pro who I've made as a giant who is quite fun to use. Can someone add this PSN as a friend...
  4. Zygalski

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 13 Clubs

    Is this still going on?
  5. Zygalski

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 13 Clubs

    Go to your Accomplishments lists and see which ones you've nearly completed (usually near the top of the lists) and try to concentrate on getting those done in the next match. Stuff like doing 6 shot fakes in the box are not too hard to get done. Obviously some stuff like that is better suited...
  6. Zygalski

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 13 Clubs

    Playing in the Drop In matches can be a useful way of improving your Pro. Especially if you manage to get into a 1vs1 or 2vs2 match. I just won the UT TOTW Cup to gain 10,000 coins. Nice. Same prize for winning it again so going for more....
  7. Zygalski

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 13 Clubs

    I'd be up for playing as the ANY. For that penalty we had last night, I was looking to let one of our strikers take it but for some reason my player had a higher penalty rating than anyone else so I thought I may as well have a go.
  8. Zygalski

    Where has Manager/Player mode gone ?

    Yep, they really messed this up. Player and Manager modes are totally seperate now. And if you're a player you tend to get subbed off at half time in almost all your matches. Or at least you did before the latest patch but I'm not interested in playing that mode again and will stick to online...
  9. Zygalski

    Kinda new to Fifa13, some questions

    Check out to see some recommended settings for the sliders which is supposed to make the gameplay better. 2. Using L2 to defend make them do the side-steppy thing. Using just sprint should make you run normally. 3. Turn the...
  10. Zygalski

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 13 Clubs

    I thought we played quite well on Thursday night. I got my first goals for the club!
  11. Zygalski

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 13 Clubs

    In my last match last night there were 3 of us playing, I went with the ALL. We went 2-0 up after 6 minutes and ended up losing 2-3. Oops. Can someone please invite my brother to join the club? His PSN is F_11
  12. Zygalski

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 13 Clubs

    Hallo! How's it going?
  13. Zygalski

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 13 Clubs

    Well played last night. A man down after about 9 minutes and we won the cup final on penalties!! The negative talk before the penalties wasn't very inspiring though! :tongue: I think you're getting confused with the PES crossing. In FIFA, double cross is just a low and more powerful cross...
  14. Zygalski

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 13 Clubs

    May I join the club? My online pro has been mostly playing as a striker but I will be playing him in other positions too. My PSN is Zidane_Z10
  15. Zygalski


    Greetings to all. How are y'all doing? What's new?
  16. Zygalski

    God of War III [PS3]

    It's kind of you to call me God Of War III! :tongue: The Demo of GOW3 felt too samey to me. Hoping there are some surprises in there.
  17. Zygalski

    attack discuss!

    I thought the same. Very interesting! :cool:
  18. Zygalski

    Camera View and Controller for PC Version

    I always use the Wide camera. And a PS2 or PS3 controller whenever possible.
  19. Zygalski

    A PES09 Video and some player stats pics

    Basically, the big matches were all played on a setup of two players watching different TV screens which had their backs to each others (so the players could see each other head on) while the audience could see the match on a big projector screen. When we got to this room, one of the previous...
  20. Zygalski

    A PES09 Video and some player stats pics

    Hey dude! :) So has Makelele (or at least he keeps trying to retire! :D). I always update the squads myself anyway. The PES08 default England squad was awful! This is all the pics I have from that day so no more to come, sorry. Unless people want to see more pictures from the finals...