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  1. Zygalski


    Greetings to all. How are y'all doing? What's new?
  2. Zygalski

    A PES09 Video and some player stats pics

    Hi all. Nothing majorly amazing in here so don't flame me too much ;-p Here is a video of the XBOX360 version of PES09 made at the national finals of PES2008. You could play as about 5 international teams, including Spain, Argentina, Brazil, France and Croatia. This match features France and...
  3. Zygalski

    New Star Soccer 3

    PC game, looks like Sensible Soccer. You create yourself and control only yourself on the pitch. And in between matches you manage your training, relationships (with manager, team, family, friends, girlfriend, media, sponsors), and what you want to buy (cars, houses, yachts, clothes and loads...
  4. Zygalski

    Community Mode

    Hi all. Did a search but couldn't find a thread about this so .... I've recently started playing the Community Mode on PES2008 (PS2). It's quite good in some ways. You enter the name of all players and when you play each other it keeps track of the stats between you all. So that's good...
  5. Zygalski

    Another crazy centre circle goal - Rooney Not mine.
  6. Zygalski

    PESrankings North & South tournaments North info: South info: It may be 5 minutes matches but get involved.
  7. Zygalski

    PS2 PES6 Ripkit [English]

    PS2 Pro Evolution Soccer 6 ripkit Use this to rip your PS2 PES6 DVD so that it fits onto a 700MB CD-R. Download links:;7265183;5/fileinfo.html Notes from the included readme file...
  8. Zygalski

    Pro Evolution Soccer shoots into UK arcades

    Pro Evo Coin-Ops To Settle Pub Disputes Bravo, Konami. This is a stroke of genius. Konami Digital Entertainment B.V has announced test versions of its new Pro Evolution Soccer arcade machine have been released into two locations. Based on the multi-million-selling console...
  9. Zygalski

    The Official "I have PES6" thread

    Why do you all think you need to create a new thread if you have the game? Well done, you've got a game that almost everyone on the forum will have very soon. There's no need to make a new thread just to boast about it. Any more threads with a similar title will be closed and possibly people...
  10. Zygalski

    [PS2] Default Option File

    From the pre-release French version. In case anyone wants to check it with option file editors etc. It is in Max Drive format (.max) Download links:;6062106;;/fileinfo.html I'll update this...
  11. Zygalski

    PES6 TV Advert - Terry vs Adriano

    _5XmW4Kn8B8 I think they're supposed to be playing each other online. Not great but better than the fifa one ;) Dodgy kit clash too.....
  12. Zygalski

    [PES6] - Fernando_PES6_French to English_V1 (14/OCT/06) ONLY FOR DVD

    Fernando_PES6_French to English_V1 (14/OCT/06) ONLY FOR DVD Many thanks to Fernando and those providing mirrors. I don't have the game so I don't have any comments to add. To find out how to patch your game, the patching guide is HERE.
  13. Zygalski

    PES6 - All players database released

    This is an excel file containing all the player stats from PES6. Thanks to leaflet, ThomasGOAL and others. Download using the links and unrar with WinRAR. Seems to work fine.
  14. Zygalski

    PES6 PS2 PSM3 review

    Thanks to Adonis:
  15. Zygalski

    Random PES video - Goonies soundtrack!
  16. Zygalski

    Champions League Fantasy Football game 06/07 Code to join this league: 134521-22747 Cheers.
  17. Zygalski

    PES6 beta version played

    I've just come back from the UK national PES5 finals where many great PES5 players bashed each other silly all day until RobMclean won the national title. He then got to play a match against John Terry (yes, for real - I'll post pictures later) and beat him 3-2 (though Rob was taking it a little...
  18. Zygalski

    Some new WE10 match videos

    Made by me. 1. England vs Brazil. Second half, starts at 0-0 and finishes at 2-2. Goals from Joe Cole, Owen (messing about, should have really shot with Rooney :tongue: ), a header by Adriano and Ronaldinho to equalise. (Quality on youtube seems quite...
  19. Zygalski

    [WE10] Fernando's WE10 English Patch v5 (1/jul/06)

    Many thanks to fernando. Mirrors would be appreciated by anyone who can download from there. Mirrors: Normal: v5 km version: Guide to patching WE10 can be seen here:
  20. Zygalski

    Read this BEFORE opening a thread here.

    The File Downloads section is for the posting of threads containing patches and other file downloads. The Editing Questions sections are for the asking of questions. Do not post questions in the File downloads section. Ask your PS2 & XBox Editing Questions here...