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    Yeah, I know he's the best midfielder in the world and all that, but can he not have a jaffa cake at half time or something? Does he ever finish a game?
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    Well done Sparky

    On a well deserved UEFA Cup spot. Having been privileged enough to have seen his career as a United player, watching this compilation of some of his goals (taken off RI) was class.
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    Malcolm Glazer's had a stroke

    Honest. Edit-
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    Scholes out

    For the rest of the season. Dunno if this is being reported by the media yet, but I can tell you that it's true. They discovered the cause of his blurred vision is far more serious than first feared.
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    Is there any way to save a replay from the highlights screen? I finished a match in which I've scored the most ridiculous volley you'll ever see. I didn't save it at the time, and now I'm viewing it in match highlights... any way to save it?
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    Simon Jordan talks sense

    This is an extract from an article written by Simon Jordan (I think it's from his column in the Guardian) and this bloke has some sense. The whole thing sums up what is an absoloutely ridiculous policy with regards to standing. We've had our away allocation cut at Sunderland and Middlesbrough...
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    Flame Room

    We need a flame room here. A forum where you can sort shit out with another member. I aint a big flamer or anything, but it's entertaining to read. There's flame rooms at most forums I go to and it works well. So whatchoo say? This place is active enough and there are enough conflicts here...
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    Changing Nationality

    Why is it only possible to change certain players' nationality in the edit mode? Is there any way to change the nationality of players who don't have the option in edit mode?
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    Worst Tackle

    Slightly gruesome thread, but what does everybody consider as the worst tackle they have ever seen? You think Roy Keane on Alfie Haaland is the most dirty tackle ever? What about Andoni Goikoetxea's unforgivable tackle on Diego Maradona? Just wondering what people consider the 'worst'...
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    Help Needed

    I am totally new to this editing thing and have no idea what all this x-port talk is about. I want to find a patch/option file with the correct kits, logos and sponsors. I own the Xbox version of the game and have no additional hardware other than the Action Replay, which is used to import...