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    Jesus Wept!

    Sorry for the bump, but I came here to check how good the new Pro Evo is and I suddenly remembered having this discussion about Elano's talent. Does Nifty still post these days? Not trying to gloat or owt.
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    Your Euro 2008 'Team Of The Season'

    Casillas Boswinga Marchena Pepe Zhirkov Senna Xavi Sneijder Villa Silva Podolski
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    Best defender in the world

    Rio by a considerable distance. Whilst all the bollox about Ronaldo being a 'big game bottler' is just that, bollocks; it certainly wasn't Ronaldo who was our best performer in United's most important games this season. At the Emirates, Anfield, Stade Olimpico, Camp Nou and the Luzhniki Stadium...
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    Euro Fantasy Football Team

    He's been called up as a possible replacement for Vieira... they're making a decision on his fitness in the next day or so.
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    Manchester City

    Original, that is.
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    Manchester City

    Er so it's a different Blackburn who have finished bottom of the disciplinary table for every one of the past four seasons? A different Blackburn who stuck every man behind the ball on both occasions they played us this season? Listen as a player I have nothing but respect for the man but...
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    Manchester City

    I fucking hope not. The man's a legend in my eyes but to think of that dull, spoiling football being played at OT makes me shiver. I'm glad city appointed him... he'll never manage United now.
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    Manchester United

    07-08 Manchester United (C) 87 liverpool 76 06-07 Manchester United (C) 89 liverpool 68 liverpool last won the title in 1989, since then we've won it ten times. Even under Benitez there's been a massive gap and you'd be deluded to argue otherwise...
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    AC Milan

    Don't we fucking know it.
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    Eriksson gone

    That depends on which direction 'Uncle Frank' decides to take your club doesn't it. No manager... no captain... no trophies.
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    Eriksson gone

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    Manchester United vs Celtic last season. Great night but a very hostile atmosphere after most of the south stand lads didn't have the nerve to tell Celtic away fans to behave. A lot of them carried on the same way after the game and ended up paying the price. Same happened to Celtic fans in alot...
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    Your Top 5 Favourite Players Of All Time??

    5. Luis Ronaldo - Undeniably the best player of the past 15 years. Magnificent goalscoring record and probably the most talented player I've ever had the 'pleasure' of seeing at Old Trafford. When he played against us for Real Madrid he was the difference in the home leg. Scoring a hattrick and...
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    Manchester United

    I think most United fans are honestly resigned to the fact that one day he will leave for Spain or Italy. All that can really be done is enjoying every game he plays for United and hoping to hell that it isn't this summer that he leaves. I've said all season long that the Premier League is the...
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    Manchester United

    A cricket score win will do me nicely thank you very much. In all seriousness, I don't buy all of this 'United have been the best team so they deserve to win it' . Whoever wins tomorrow will have been the best team. Chelsea may not have been the most exciting or attacking side, but the team...
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    FC Barcelona

    Agreed. Barcelona couldn't score at home in 90 minutes of football. Any blame rests with them.
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    Manchester United

    Given that Rooney will be more than 30% fit, who knows. Pleased with the result and I don't think Barcelona ever really looked like scoring. Considering our back four was missing Vidic and contained a midfielder at right back I think we looked remarkably secure against a team containing...
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    Glasgow Celtic

    Very funny. Oh and Daz Rangers, are you aware that the first quote in your sig is wrong?
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    Manchester United

    A team of Wigan's stature? No, but Chelsea were heading for financial collapse before Abramovich came in. Worth remembering that they were averaging gates of around 18000 in the mid 90s. Tactical naivety and 'boring football' are all valid arguments, but the fact remains that discounting the...
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    Manchester United

    I just don't understand where they get off booing the team off after the opposition sneak a draw in the last minute. Chelsea played them off the park and Wigan snuck a draw. It happened to us earlier in the season when we battered city and they somehow came away with a 1-0 win. I would never boo...