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    Max Drive is Bullshit(Help)

    Just send it to the device. You only need the PESfan editor to edit details in the option file.
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    Max Drive is Bullshit(Help)

    It's in the PS2 bit. When you've loaded the PS2 disc in your PS2.
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    Max Drive is Bullshit(Help)

    I prefer my xport to my maxdrive, if it makes you want something you can't have even more :)
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    Max Drive is Bullshit(Help)

    It sounds like you haven't uncrushed the file. You can either uncrush it to the memory card from the maxdrive, or copy the file to the memory card and then uncrush it on the card.
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    Fully Patched Pes3 :0) Compatability

    Well, your thread has definitely done that. Thanks a lot for the time and effort you put in that post. I look forward to reading those posts and seeing what I can do. Thanks again :).
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    Fully Patched Pes3 :0) Compatability

    OK then dude. I'm pretty interested, but you have to understand that us PESFaners are pretty niave when it comes to this sort of thing due to the fact that we aren't allowed to discuss it :(. So can you point me in the right direction for the best place to start finding out about this. I'm...
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    No strings relationship

    Why the speed camera? What's that gotta do with anything. Oh, I see. Google search doesn't find much does it. Still I quite like this one. Feel free to pilfer it for your own use
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    Furthest you have score from so far?

    I always forget to check. The furthest I've checked was about 18m I think. Never got one from 30m. Generally don't try because I know it'll never go in, and if I do try, guess what............. Correctamundo, it don't go in :(.
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    hey up!!

    And cartman's stuck at PESFan.
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    hey up!!

    Hiya! Go to your control panel (button with "user cp" on it), go to options, and then change the "Set Style". I'm on at the moment. Pretty bright, but better than black. HTH.
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    And I wish I could give out cards for spamming GB ;):D:p
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    shooting :how to ...

    I find it's just down to timing. All depends on where the ball is in relation to your player when they shoot. Have no real control over whether it goes on the ground or in the air. As Trevor Brooking might (not) say "It's all about timing...... And his was awful!"
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    Bloody Foreigners!

    I saw it a couple of weeks back GB. Damn good isn't it. Except when the kids get shot. That bit sucks. Don't think I've ever been moved by a film quite like that before. And has a film ever had such mental character names? Steak and Chips. LMAO :D.
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    Oi oi.
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    Let the Pimpin begin!!! (joke)

    Welcome to the site mate. :D
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    After you sir, lol.
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    Cartman's stuck at PESFan. He can't get out. I'm missing him. :(
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    I love this place. Check me avatar. Woohoo. Hi peeps.