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    I was wondering how many achievments everyone has got? I've got 21 out of 50, don't think i'll manage to get them all before next years game comes out though!
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    stupid question

    what do these coloured dots underneath my name mean when i make a post, i've got 3 in orange but other people have more or less in different colours, it's probably obvious but has been bugging me for ages!!!
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    I was just wondering if anyone captains their team on BAL, i'm in my 3rd season with Inter Milan and was wondering how many more season before this might happen?
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    Does anyone know of any transfers which need done after update 1.20 has been downloaded? I'm trying to get all the teams sorted before i start my master league!
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    Updated Transfers

    Does anyone know of any transfers that still need done after the 1.20 update has been downloaded? Ive got: Fellani Liege-Everton I Gonzales Uruguay-Newcastle Voronin left Liverpool Proto left Anderlecht any more would be greatly apprieciated. Cheers
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    BAL Match Rating

    Does anyone know the best way to get a good match Rating? My Guy is a CMF and i always think im playing well but my match rating always seems to be 6 or 6.5.