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    Players abilities analysis / testing

    New gameplay of updated ability test ~ Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid The abovementioned modification of abilities to onfield players except GK, updated findings: AGGRESSIVENESS preset aggressiveness is ard 60-90, unwant and stupid tackle always committed even you haven't press a button...
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    Players abilities analysis / testing

    Yeah realistic gameplay is my top priority in edit. I haven't get PES2021 yet, i guess its using the same engine with PES2020 as well as the ability list.. As such, i guess the abovementioned changes are also applicable to PES2021~
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    Players abilities analysis / testing

    you can have a look on the abilities on DF and GK.. same on Tottenham... skill card interception and marking are not effective or dominant during game play, so i haven’t test on it.. it’s revealed that those gk abilities have much effect on defender than these two skill card... on df tactics...
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    Some suggestions in further PES

    just thinking of one more suggestion: 10. sorting for abilities edit, i use many time on abilities editing, conventionally, i need to select "team-player-abilities-edit-save" and its too time consuming... (refer to point 1 also ..:() Is it possible to have sorting tool for abilities edit? for...
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    PES 2020 Disadvantages

    hi welly, i agree the disadantages of "foul" and "freekick": it would a little bit better if play "top player" instead of "superstar" 1-2. Its really annoying for too easy to foul... its due to the ability "aggressiveness", i have editted many players "aggressiveness" minus 10 points and...
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    enjoy my youtube channel!

    enjoy my youtube channel!
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    Somebody help me..

    i suggest to use fuild formation (it could be very flexible and talior made to every team:)) on possession: 2-5-3 out of possession: 4-5-1 beware of the stamina of players haah~ (example juventus): on possession: c7 - hugain - dybala sandro - rabiot - pajanic - bentencaur - cuadurdo...
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    how free kick style affect player animation in open play (finesse shot) - pes 2020

    wonderfull findings~ dont hv any ideas that they are related... btw, your classic teams edited are also amazing~
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    Goalkeepers : Physical Contact

    agree pace = speed... its seem agility depends on height and weight of the players but not a ability anymore.. tight possession enhance smooth movement and protect the ball during possession at low speed. there are strange findings for those gk abilities to on-field players, especially...
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    What's your game duration?

    its a new idea to test the game duration ahah.. as my tests are on players abilities, specially goalkeepers abilities affect to on-field players.. agreed to your point that KONAMI does not test their game well, so the default gameplay is "maintained" at TV game level but not real enough.. i...
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    hi all, i am new member

    hi all i played pes / winning from prefect eleven, the game developed many and many the edit mode is the best among all football game and i like to edit and tune and attain a real football rhythm share some of my game play below, welcome to all discussion and suggestion italy vs germany...
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    superstar level

    in my view superstar is distorted, those abilities are irrelevant.. haha it seem top player level better..
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    What's your game duration?

    i am playing 10 mins, but speed+1 and top player level seem smooth ~ share my game play below:
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    Players abilities analysis / testing

    I am not sure about my findings on several player's abilities, some testes are done on it but not only rely on the "word explanation" in game. for GK: GK awareness - response to make a save, actually the reflexes; GK reflexes - movement of GK to the moving ball before the shoot; for CB/CF...
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    Some suggestions in further PES

    hi all, i love the game and target to edit to high reality. here is some suggestion in further pes. edit mode and gameplay: 1. show all abilities/skills/play styles in one single page; 2. freedom to revise name of ability; 3. compactiveness of team shall be divided into two factor, width of each...