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    Bundesliga 2

    Is anyone aware of a second division for the Bundesliga being created anywhere?
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    Other European teams.

    Anybody aware of any option files for the other European teams that are left over after the Bundesliga is added.
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    Bundesliga 2?

    Does anyone know if their are plans for a Bundesliga 2 OF this year? i know we had it last year so far not seen anything for this years one though.
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    Time for some Ebb!

    been playing PES18 for a bit now, game play feels excellent the games have a nice speed to them. The commentary sadly as shocking as last year my 'favourite' Jim Beglin line so far..."the game may be flowing one way but theirs still time for some ebb." lovely insight thanks Jimmy.
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    being fired in ML?

    Was just reading a review about the new Master league setup, "while seasonal challenges and goals need to be fulfilled if you're to remain in the hot seat" that line caught my attention in the article, hoping this means you could end up sacked if your team is struggling. all tho i also hope it...
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    Swarm the box!

    So after getting really frustrated at losing the same type of goal over and over one were the AI will just pass its way through the middle of my defence and score. I went looking for a new set up and in advanced instructions under defence i found Swarm the box, this seems to be working really...
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    Where are the Russian Billionaires?

    It seems like in this years ML they have made it more difficult for you to make serious income, like last year after every CL game you got like 3 million but not this year. After my first year with Napoli finishing second, winning the coppa Italia and getting to the QF of the CL the club...
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    you're fired!

    Does anyone know if you can be sacked in the ML mode? having a dodgy season with Napoli and worry for my position as manager :no::no:
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    Woodwork again!!

    I seem to be really good at hitting the posts and i just really accurate or is this a feature of the game?
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    Parma ML

    Been thinking about making Parma and starting from Serie B, anyone know if kits for them have been spotted anywhere?