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    Konami need to open up the editing for more things

    Editing the kits is sweet and importing the images is great except for that 300 or so kit limit. But why not take this further? We should be able to import balls and boots. A simple circle template would let anyone make a ball and with the absolutely pathetic amount of real balls in the...
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    Base copy problem with hair

    Perhaps I am doing this wrong but base copying is not working for me. Let's use creating Shakthar squad as an example. I can pick a player on the team I am using to create shakthar and base copy over a konami "fake from the ukraine squad and edit their hair and name to be correct. If I dare...
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    How do you do the simple flick up of the ball?

    I created Bayer Leverkusen. I base copied Chicharito over from Mexico. I was in practice mode 11 v 1 and just testing out Bayer and I noticed sometimes when I was running with Chicha (moving left to right on the screen) I could do a flick up randomly. Like this, holding left stick right...
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    For 2016 a boot creator/editor would be cool

    So basically Konami would just give us a white boot as a template. High and low cuts if it has to be super simple. Allow us to choose the design from 30 or so blank white templates would be sweet. Then give us the color palette and design templates and we could make the missing boots ourselves.
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    First touch as a pass is coming to you

    Does this exist? The best I can come up with is as the ball is rolling to you if you hit RT twice (type 2 controls) or RBx2 (type 1 controls) your player will sort of do a knock on sometimes. Even fifa cocked up the first touch knock ons. Logically it should just be mapped to the R...
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    Edit mode - choosing rivalries

    Does this do anything? Other than provide text information who your rival is that you wont really see or use in any way? (Decoration) Or Does your form or stamina or something increase when you play the teams you have chosen as your rival's? I hope it means something.
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    League play

    So when you choose a league and play a season we are not getting real schedules? I went into a new season with espanyol/la liga and my first 3 matches are villareal, sevilla, real madrid. This isnt espanyols real schedule.
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    A cool PES logic thing - gameplay

    I am using Daymos' option file. I made the Sturridge transfer and decided to test out Liverpool. I played Liverpool v. Wigan. The match was back and forth and I clearly see that Konami want us to choose to use the top teams more because of the Player ID feature. :cool: So Wigan had...
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    [KITS] BL8000's 2012/13 kits

    Didn't want to take over nemesiskidds thread as that just didn't seem right to me since he did so much great work there. Just looking to compile as many 2012/13 kits as I can to keep PES 2012 current until PES 2013 comes out. Sunderland Home 2012/13 Hamburg Away 2012/13 - Color fixed to...
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    Ps3 install pes 2012 to hdd

    Did a search and didn't find anything about this. Curious if it's better to install the game on the ps3 hdd or just play it off the game disc?