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  1. wrathchild_uk


    I'm looking to get a psp and pandora battery so i can play old ps1 games on it, has anyone on here got a psp and done this?
  2. wrathchild_uk

    Face import pes2009 ps3

    Hello, sorry i had to open another thread on this but i cant manage to import a picture of myself into the game, i've put one on my usb stick and copied it on to my ps3. When i go into the game it says theres no images..does anyone have any proper info on how to do so? does it need to be a...
  3. wrathchild_uk

    Zelda game named 'greatest ever' I'd have to go ahead and disagree on that poll, i can't believe Final Fantasy 7 aint even in the top 10 :rolleyes:
  4. wrathchild_uk

    Chelsea badge for pes6

    Does anyone have a decent template of the chelsea badge?
  5. wrathchild_uk

    John Paintsil

    Has anyone got stats for John Paintsil who recently joined West Ham..
  6. wrathchild_uk


    Just wondering if anyone has created Abbiati??
  7. wrathchild_uk

    Villarreal kit on Pes5

    Just wondering has anyone noticed that Villarreal still have there kit from last season, i don't understand why Konami didn't update it??
  8. wrathchild_uk

    Lassana Diarra

    anybody have any information on him either his appearance or stats? Heres wat ive got so far, Nationality: French Age: 20 Position: Defensive Midfielder, Defender feel free to add anymore....
  9. wrathchild_uk

    Collins Mbesuma, John Viafara

    Anyone made new Portsmouth Signings Collins Mbesuma and John Viafara??
  10. wrathchild_uk

    Summer Transfers

    Ok don't close this thread down and say "oh theres a site called" cus its kind of gone now and the site instead doesn't even give you a list of club to club transfers, so i just want to know is anyone going to make a site with all the summer transfers like last year...
  11. wrathchild_uk

    Summer Transfers!!

    Just wondering if any1 is going to make a site with all the club transfers included for this summer, I know someone made a site when pes3 came out with all the updated transfers.
  12. wrathchild_uk


    Just wondering how do i upload my own avatar cus i can't see an option to now.
  13. wrathchild_uk

    Over-rated players on Pes3

    The title basilcy explains its self, players irl who have been constantly unperforming for the last sevral season but are still amazing on Proevo: Giggs - Not the same player he was yet he's amazing on Pes3 Owen - same as above Rivaldo - This guy has looked an average player since leaving...
  14. wrathchild_uk

    PES3 Demo for pc

    Does anyone know where i can get the demo of Pes3 for the pc??
  15. wrathchild_uk

    Reyes & Parker

    Has anyone created Reyes & Parker if so can you post me there details, also how do you transfer created players to clubs?
  16. wrathchild_uk


    Just wondering if any1 can create a face & stats for Kaka from AC Milan.
  17. wrathchild_uk

    Transfering players to non clubs

    Just wondering ive finnaly got the free transfer option after winning 10000 points however, i want to get rid of players like blanc & may from man u and the only way to lose em is by sticking em in pes or we7 utd. So im just wondering is there any other way of sticking players like blanc & may...