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  1. Travis Bickle

    Resistance: Fall of Man PS3 (large images inside)

    Launch title for the upcoming PS3 console. It launches in about 3 months (16th November I think) and media for the games is slowly coming out.......... Resistance: Fall of Man is a First Person Shooter by Insomniac (guys behind Ratchet and Clank) The basic story Here's the official...
  2. Travis Bickle

    AR Flashcard thingy :cheap in Manchester

    just bought one of those flashcard Action Replay MAX doodahs in Manchester Arndale market only£12 :eek:. It looks like its imported from Germany so I can't understand the pamphlet but I'll have to wait till i finish work before trying the disc to see if its in English. Definately ready for...
  3. Travis Bickle

    Rumble Roses

    I'm not into the use of gratuitous amounts of female flesh in a computer game but when you've got graphics like this, I think its a step forward in realism ! Anyone seen this, there's even an option for a hands-free mode, I don't know why :sick:
  4. Travis Bickle


    Game Pad 32 Has anyone heard of this one of my mates' whos a bit of a geek was goin on about it the other night. Its a handheld games console set too rival GBA and its out in Korea at the moment. But the thing is (warning : I'm not very computer literate so I might make some mistakes.) It...
  5. Travis Bickle


    I've browsed some fof the threads and someones mentioned frutsel for uploading images, it seems very slow and I don't really know how to use it. are there any other sites I could use and how do you work them ?
  6. Travis Bickle

    Formally Known as ericcantona

    With thanks to Zyg and anyone else that was involved I have been able to change me name from eric, as this led to a confusion towards my likeness of a certain football team. I'm from Stockport and support Stockport County but I do prefer united just because I hate city (Stockport is South...
  7. Travis Bickle

    70000000 !

    70 million ps2's sold worldwide, 25 mill in North America alone. How does this compare to the other consoles ?
  8. Travis Bickle

    World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International

    Is it any good. I've only read an American review of it, and it said it was amazing but they also thought they won Vietnam so they do tend too over exaggerate.
  9. Travis Bickle

    Whip it and whip it good!

    Anyone got any tips on how to whip the ball in, Ronaldo style like the other day against everton, starting to look like he's more than just 2 million stepovers.
  10. Travis Bickle

    club or country?

    Am I losing it or is there a major difference when playing with club teams than country. I mean that tactically the club teams seem to be more aware, they move forward better and just generally work better together, is it that Konami have more information about club selection and managerial...
  11. Travis Bickle

    Simple question - moving player for header

    Simple question Don't take the piss but when the balls in the air how do you stop your player standing there waiting for the ball, so you can make them run towards the ball or run around your opponent. Also whats the best way to bring the ball down in a 'Heskey' style. Lastly I'm going to...
  12. Travis Bickle

    Lost in Manc Land

    Hi I think I've managed to do a patched copy of PES 3 with alot of help from you lot, cheers. The problem is I did the copy first too see if I could do it but I haven't got a modified ps2 to play it on. I have been living in Liverpool for 5 years and knew a few import places there but now I'm...
  13. Travis Bickle

    worst player

    Who is the worst player statistically in PES3, I remember me and my mate use to take the piss out of Martin Keown on PES1 because he was the slowest?
  14. Travis Bickle

    "jonny" free kick

    A mate told me that because of adidas sponsorship on PES3 theres some sort of free kick extra game with Jonny Wilkinson (the guy that won the rugby world cup for England, and is on the adverts with Beckham) does anyone know anything about this?
  15. Travis Bickle


    In the classic players section in the pes shop they should put in famous people that are meant to be shit hot football players, like Michael Schumacher, Bob Marley or Rod 'doya think I'm sexy' Stewart. If anyone knows of any and can make up stats and that could make a celebrity 11. I know...
  16. Travis Bickle


    If they make the game online, they should have online referees. then one guy would control the referee run about the pitch, get pushed over by dicanio, get in the way of the ball, and that player can make all the decisions and if they had online tournaments they could have a ranking system and...