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    Too easy

    Ah its all about multi player dudes. Well atleast for me. Thats when this game comes into its own. Sheer class!
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    PES 5 Crowd, Fans, Supporters in the Stadium.

    Hmm. But the thing is, aren't all the versions a port of the ps2 version? Which means the bug carried over to the xbox and pc? Well At first I thought it was intentional but now i'm not too sure. Some say it's fine, others say its not. Could it be that later copies removed this 'bug' if thats...
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    update for xbox

    Also had problems in quick search, seems it always returns results of no users online etc. Also had problems with connecting to some games with other people as host. Dunno if thats down to network trouble at the other end or a konami bug.
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    Commentary Pundit Change? Who would you pick?

    I say revert back to pes1 commentary. Who can forget the days when wind was shooting through the stadium!!??
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    If FIFA looks this good, imagine PES 5 on 360

    seen it. looks quality. was def ingame footage as well. impressive. Question is, will it play well??
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    If FIFA looks this good, imagine PES 5 on 360

    Yeah it does say gameplay footage doesnt it? well not seen it yet.Just waiting for it to finish downloading.
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    problems with opening clip

    I think he means the intro.
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    Just feels so good..

    Ok stevie, we'll ignore your 'hard on' exploits. :laugh:
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    Flip-Flap - Whhhhhhhyyyyy!!!!!!

    Come on, everyone knows its called the Cat flap?
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    Flip-Flap - Whhhhhhhyyyyy!!!!!!

    With a flap flap paddy whack give a dog a bone, this old argument is getting us nowehere....
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    Flip-Flap - Whhhhhhhyyyyy!!!!!!

    Cheese flan? love that stuff.
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    So Many Opportunities Missed To Take The Pro Evolution Series To The Next Level

    Hmmm Shouldn't ps3 have its own version though? I mean I know in terms of graphics the ps3 is said to be shading it, but it would be better to develop 2 separate games I would say.
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    whats your hmv status for ps2 pes5

    I may have to do that. if I can get out of the cheapskate mindset lol. Ah with any luck it'll be sooner than 4 weeks. Find that hard to believe it takes them that long to get stock. I guess they are just covering themselves incase it does take a while. Just to give them enough time for any...
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    PES 5 Crowd, Fans, Supporters in the Stadium.

    Thats what I thought would happen, since the xbox version is a port and they wouldnt have been bothered changing anything before release.
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    whats your hmv status for ps2 pes5

    Dont think it will be first class will it? since free delivery usually isnt. I may be wrong though. 4 weeks! Well I havent received that email yet, but perhaps I will at some point. Dont get, why such limited stock for xbox?
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    whats your hmv status for ps2 pes5

    Damn i'm waiting on the xbox version as well: Some / all items have been placed on special order with our suppliers
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    PES 5 Crowd, Fans, Supporters in the Stadium.

    Yeah it seems its something like that. Do you think this was to enable better online play? Cos I imagine playing a game in the wide view whilst playing on a connection may cause more slowdown? so perhaps when they tested it on a live server, may have reduced slow downs by killing the crowd in...
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    PES 5 Crowd, Fans, Supporters in the Stadium.

    I dunno I think it could be a problem with the programming rather than the current hardware. I mean think about how much detail Fifa games has? richer detailed graphics, better crowd and sound, and plays fluid. Don't get why PES suffers from hardware constraints when obviously Fifa runs quite well.
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    PES5 Bugs??

    Tom the crowd thing is a fact, just look at the other threads.
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    are fans actually in stadium in final game

    Dunno if the mods will tolerate repeat topics on this. But anyways just thought i'd let ya know.