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    ADSL speed test

    ADSL speed test/pes4 performance issues Just a test that I think we should all do every now and again. What this test does is that it gives you a real time breakdown and comparison in download and upload speeds. The reason why this should be...
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    Design your own PES4 cover contest

    Ok guys it's not too far to release so what better than to get interactive whilst we wait. Here's the deal (just for fun!) Design your own PES4 front cover The rules are: -Doesnt have to be henry on the front. -Use any football related images or even non football ones if you have...
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    euro 2004 tourney fixtures and results

    Post fixtures, results, stats and match reports here.
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    My rough guide to: Graphics cards and PES3

    T1000's rough guide to - Video Cards and PES3 Alot of people seem to be having problems with running PES3 on their PCs, which has given me an idea to write up a little guide on the cards that are likely to work well and those that will hardly get the game to run. I have seen many people ask a...
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    3dmark possibilities?

    I think we should have a section for 3dmark scores....if people start to take the tests, we can get an idea of how well their PCs are performing for gaming....I'm sure it'll determine if they can play pes3 successfully or not. Go to and download and use 3dmark01. So...
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    "My hard hitting pes3 all action video"!!...get it here!!

    Ok, here it is. I got no previous video editing/creating experience, and i have limited resources....but I'll try anything once! So here's my masterpiece....enjoy!! Tell me what ya think... T1
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    Some PES3 video action

    Ok...I've compiled a little montage of PES brilliance. Well its a first attempt at weaving together some recorded footage. This video includes some of my goals scored on the demo and the actual game, patched and unpatched so its a bit of a patchwork quilt really. Managed to add some music too...
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    Euro 2004/PES3 pc tournament

    Ok, some of you have taken part in the mini world cup..which didnt really get out of the group stage, due to lack of interest/time constraints. It was a good idea nonetheless and I have decided to try something a bit different but along the same idea. I want to simulate the Euro 2004...
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    New PES3 PC website

    Designed by myself set to be fully functional by the time of release. Anyone with any ideas feel free to post them..anyone that wants to get involved, pm me. It's very basic at the moment with not much on it, but the layout is complete, and there are a few videos of the pc demo. Hoping to put up...
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    PES3 PC demo goals

    Check these out...couple of goals from the demo, Italy Vs Spain (unedited) Totti header Wicked Totti...