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  1. milly_willy

    New Gameplay?

    Don't know if any one has posted this video yet as I haven't seen it around. Just saw this today. It's a beta version of two guys just having a muck around on pes 2011. website: Youtube Gameplay
  2. milly_willy

    Best goal so far?

    I'll start off. It's probably my best goal so far, as I haven't really tried anything special. It was online Man Utd vs Ac Milan (me being United). I was passing it around then passed the ball to Tevez. He was immediately closed down by two defenders so i did the one footed roulette and went...
  3. milly_willy

    Become A Legend FAQ's

    OK, I've seen many threads going around asking so many questions about the new mode BAL so I've decided to start a thread answering the basics so we cut down on the amount of people asking the same questions over and over again. Q. How do I call for the ball? A. You call for the ball by...
  4. milly_willy

    Demo features

    The details for the Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 demo have been leaked from a source close to the Europe Xbox Live distribution team. Although not confirmed by Konami themselves, our source can confirm that the PES 2009 demo will feature the following: * Four playable teams - Argentina...
  5. milly_willy

    WENB podcast

    Most of you are probably aware that WENB have recently made a podcast from which they have gathered info on PES 2009. The podcast tells us about edit mode, graphics, animations e.t.c. Here is the link:
  6. milly_willy

    New PES 2009 pics

    Found some new pics Links re-added:
  7. milly_willy

    Messi the new face of PES2009

    A bit of info i found about Messi being the cover star.
  8. milly_willy

    [PS3] Trophy Collection?

    Hey, on the new update for ps3 it has 'Trophy Collection'. I was just wondering what is this? And how do you get the trophies?
  9. milly_willy

    Become A Legend only on PS2??

    Hey i found this on a site Does this mean Become A Legend will only be available on the ps2? Here is the actual link...
  10. milly_willy

    Age you should let players go?

    It's coming near the end of the season for me and a few of my players are becoming 30/31 and i was just wondering when do their stats start to go down so i can release them. So what age will be the best time to start letting players go? :)
  11. milly_willy

    Just wondering...

    Hey, i've started a new season but all i am into is the cup right now and not really the league. I was wondering if there was a way to skip a match or help me speed up the season...
  12. milly_willy

    Hey :)

    Been on this site for a while, thought i would make a few posts. I'm addicted to pes and cannot wait for the new one. I play on ps3 so if any one wants a game just add me. PSN: MillyWilly