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    Export teams pes 2020

    So this year not even one team exported? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    konami's DLC

    does any one knows what the upcoming konami's update ruins in our patches?
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    i can not import images

    does any one knows why i can not import images? is not the same steps as last year? i try an image png in 2048x2048 in an usb fat32 meanwille i import the all epl in import team type what is wrong the ps4 see my usb but not the images!!!!!!!!!!!! any one?
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    Cann't switch players in league & master league mode??

    forgive if am i wrong in master league (ps4) in the match you can control only one player and you cann't switch player? is this true?????????? please someone tell meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and league mode ?? only in exibition mode you switch players ?? am i doing something wrong?
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    pes14 freezing in master league cup final?

    Do any one has any idea why the game freeze in master league cup final. The game is not copy and my ps3 is not jailbraken? Any idea?????
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    Pre order pes14 dlc (classic kits)

    I would like to ask about the pre order clasic kits dlc for pes14 ,HOW MUCH WILL IT AFFECT, the editors makers in order to create OF if (for examble) i did not preorder such dlc????? Do i can plug in my ps3 the editing OF from someone which he has ordered??
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    jp league

    does any one know's where can i found for ps3 japan league patch?
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    [PS3]milenec11 GREEK LEAGUES. BLES 1408

    i just finished greek superleague, football league, english, portoguese. LINK
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    Upload option file

    Can someone tell me how to upload an option file ? step by step. i will be thankfully.
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    [LEAGUE] Greek supereague and football league

    I try to make the superleague and football league ,i have finised the kits and 10 rosters of superleague. want anyone help to complete this task?
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    ireland kit

    de graff kit for ireland. what the hell?
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    Pes 2011 kits

    They say that they have fully license for ere division, ok. Where is the roda kits, paok, rubin kazan, red star, almeria, and other also 10 fully licensed kits and leagues. Very good konami, but for sure you have no idea what are you doing and what does mean fully licenced.
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    individual player tactic

    I play many games of pes11 demo and i did not manage to find any individual player tactic on the field .Has any or not? Because if its not than is a step back for the all tactic board. If someone find something please tell me how.