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    Don't waste your time on BAL

    Well so what ?.. I mean YOU could be playing for Arsenal ! fgs .. get over it
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    what camera are you using in BAL?

    dont do default cam at the beginning of BAL use the other option that i don't remember what it was called :| , anyway .. after the in the match choose WIDE CAM , and Choose the option BALL not PLAYER
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    A Question..?

    I'm not sure i got your question.. All i can tell you is that you should care most about your Stamina, body balance, dribble speed
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    BAL - national team

    Ofcourse you can and you WILL , you need to do much effort and be visible to everyone, and try to play for well known clubs that win leagues and so on, and as you just started BAL .. don't bother caring about the team , care about your payer , try every season to be like the top goal scorer or...
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    anyone play 90mins consistantly??

    Well mate .. It's all about Stamina , a bit about the team strategy and how you perform, but as long as you do what you're asked to do and what your position forces you to do .. it's all about stamina, you need to work on increasing it, and DO NOT run much around with no ball, try to have good...