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    [KITS] Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and Bayern Munich digital fourth kits

    Download: JalexFF -!YNFExAYA!_w9X7U7o2koAZzNrg-XZG7nnLyHPucEkF0o5mMdFVzc Aerial Edson -!GsAnVADI!UVSvi5dmJTni3PBu5F22WlbEL0jw_hveJ_79KbeHO4E
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    [PS4] Option File Conmebol Copa Libertadores PES 2019

    I hate PESMASTER site kits, does anyone have other kits for Cerro Porteño?
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    [PS4] CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores

    Option File Conmebol Copa Libertadores 2018 by Jn Sepúlveda (@Jn1gnacio)
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    [Kit] Converter PES17 to PES 18/19

    I would like to thank you for that. For years I've been looking for something similar and never found it. To test, I converted the classic teams PES 2017 kits. It looks phenomenal. I love these kits (Barcelona, Dortmund and Liverpool).
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    [KITS] Meiji Yasuda J1 League All Kits by @NikoAlbiore
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    [PS4] CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores

    Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano Copa Havoline
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    [EXPORTS] All National Teams (PS4) Jamaica 2018/19.
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    Someone please export all the kits of the game!
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    Someone please export all the kits of the game! Some one knows how to download this?
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    Someone please export all the kits of the game! Help NemanjaBre!
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    Bosnia&Herz team not licensed ?
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    Someone please export all the kits of the game!

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    [KITS] Kits by CDKitMaker Other kits.
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    PES Collaborative Data Base 2019 Please, someone edit those names and give us a option file. I'm so lazy.
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    [KITS] Kits by CDKitMaker

    Anxiously waiting for the LaLiga Santander kits by CDKitMaker.
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    [EXPORTS] All National Teams (PS4)

    philips_99, Kuwait already has a new kit.
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    [KITS] Kits by CDKitMaker

    Pure talent. Absolutely perfect. Easy Download:
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    Kit templates

    Impossible to notice any difference.